New BBC show teaches children about a ‘perfect’ family with two mums

Henry same-sex parent family photo Our Family CBeebies BBC

A new episode of the hit CBeebies show Our Family features a same-sex parent family for the first time, teaching kids about the love and beauty of LGBT+ families.

BBC kids channel CBeebies recently released a new season of its BAFTA Award-winning documentary series Our Family, which introduces children to the lives of families from a variety of backgrounds in the UK.

In one of the latest episodes, viewers are introduced to five-year-old Henry, his Mama, his Mummy and his little sister, Sophie.

Titled “Two Mums”, the episode explains how Henry lives with his mums, who are both nurses, and likes to play football with his sister and his Mummy – who he says always cheats.

The “best thing” about having two mums, he reveals, is “double cuddles”.

“My mummies show me they love me by tucking me in at bed and giving me a kiss and reading me stories,” Henry says.

Alongside the series, the producers of Our Family have also created educational material to help teachers, parents and carers who want to learn how to be more inclusive.

For the “Two Mums” episode, the materials encourage kids to think about if having “two mummies” makes a difference to the “love and care in Henry’s family”.

Sallyann Keizer, founder of Sixth sense media and executive producer of Our Family, said in a statement that highlighting the diversity of families is important because “every child deserves to see themselves reflected in the television they watch”.

She added that she is “incredibly proud” the show can represent the “huge range of backgrounds and cultures of children” in the UK.

“I’m also proud that we are highlighting the lives of same-sex parent families and am thrilled to have found the most perfect family to feature in the next two series,” she said.

Our Families is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.