Sam Smith just got a super-queer new tattoo that looks like them as a child and it’s everything

Sam Smith excluded from best solo artist categories at 2021 BRIT Awards

Sam Smith has shown off an amazing new tattoo on Instagram which appears to honour their non-binary identity.

The new ink is a black line drawing of a child in underpants and high heels, staring at their reflection in an ornate mirror.

The singer was tattooed by Miles Langford at The London Social tattoo studio in north London.

Langford shared a photo of himself and Smith, alongside the tattoo, with the caption: “ICON Sam Smith. Thanks for getting tattooed.”

Although Smith hasn’t opened up about the meaning behind the tattoo, many fans took it as a tribute to their non-binary identity and how they see themselves reflected in the world.


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Sam Smith came out as non-binary in March, 2019, on an episode of Jameela Jamil’s Instagram Live show I Weigh.

They said: “When I saw the words ‘non-binary’ and ‘genderqueer’ and I read into it and I heard this people speaking, I was like ‘F**k, that’s me.'”

Asked to define what being non-binary meant to them, Smith elaborated: “Non-binary, genderqueer, is that you do not identify in a gender.

“You are a mixture of different things, you are your own special creation. That;s how I take it. I’m not male or female, I think I flow somewhere in between. It’s all on the spectrum.”

Smith later said that making the Dancing with a Stranger music video with Normani prompted them to come out as non-binary.

They told Billboard: “The song launched me into a really beautiful space of writing and freedom.

“There’s a femininity within that song that has ignited a flame within me; it triggered the transition I’ve made into a non-binary person.”

In September 2019, the artist publicly asked to be referred to with “they” and “them” pronouns.