Caitlyn Jenner wants to bring the death penalty back to California

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner has revealed that she is “in favour” of reintroducing the death penalty in California.

The death penalty is a legal punishment in the state of California, but executions have been halted since 2006 under a federal court order. Governor Gavin Newsom imposed an official moratorium on executions in 2019.

Caitlyn Jenner is currently battling to become the next governor of California in the state’s upcoming recall election, and she weighed in on a host of issues in an interview with CNN.

Speaking to Dana Bash on Monday (10 May), the reality television star and former Olympian said: “I am in favour of the death penalty.”

Jenner also revealed that she didn’t bother to vote in the November 2020 presidential election, choosing to play a round of golf instead.

“Out here in California, it’s like, why vote for a Republican president? It’s just not going to work,” Jenner said.

Jenner said she “couldn’t get excited” about the presidential election because she knew the state wouldn’t elect Trump.

Caitlyn Jenner thinks people should vote for her because she’s ‘cute and adorable’

When asked why people should be excited to vote for her in the recall election, Caitlyn Jenner said: “Cause I’m cute and adorable”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jenner said she thinks she would be a good governor because she has “a great ability to listen” and she “loves ideas”.

“I’ve been on the Republican side just because of conservative economic principles, lower taxes, less regulations, the list goes on. But also on the other side, I’ve been much more like the Democrats,” Jenner said.

“I realise that there are social issues that are out there, that people need help, and government can play a role in that.

“But you can’t have one without the other, you can’t have social programmes… if you don’t have an economy. So I feel like the first thing you gotta do is we gotta stop the exit of California,” she said, claiming that people are leaving the state because of high taxes.

Caitlyn Jenner said she has been meeting with “budget people” to discuss financial policies she would implement if elected, but she declined to name who those people are as she doesn’t “want to expose anybody”.

The reality television star also dodged questions about Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud in the 2020 election, which led to the Capitol riots in January.

Bash said she was asking Jenner about Trump’s claims because “you are a Republican.”

“I’m kind of on the Republican side,” Jenner said. “We label everybody. I don’t like labels. I’m me, OK? Just because I have conservative economic philosophy – that’s the only thing that the Republicans are kind of on that I’m on… I don’t know. Maybe you call me a libertarian. Maybe you call me in the middle. I really don’t know because when it comes to social issues, I’m much more progressive, much more liberal. So I’m kind of a middle of the road.”