Trans esports commentator Captain Fluke shares defiant video message after livestream ‘toxicity’

Captain Fluke

Trans esports commentator Emi, a.k.a. Captain Fluke, has shared a defiant video about her experience as an LGBT+ esports figure after a deluge of ‘toxicity’ during a livestream.

The video, shared on Twitter, was posted after the first day of the Rainbow Six Siege Six Invitational tournament.

Previously postponed from February, the event is an international competition taking place in Paris, France.

Captain Fluke, who uses she/they pronouns, was commentating during the event and took to Twitter to share her experience in the powerful video. 

“Obviously it’s my first S.I. and it’s a day of huge celebration. It’s an honour to be here after the years I’ve loved this game,” she said. 

“It’s been marred, I think is the politest way of putting it, by the toxicity that has obviously come through.

“I just wanted to say thank you to the people that have stood up for me in chat and behind the scenes.”

During the event, transphobic comments were written in the Twitch chat. They asked not to have these repeated.

“I expect to see it. I shouldn’t have to, but I do,” they said.

“Mainly this is a video just to highlight towards any people that are out there that are diverse, that are LGBTQ+, to not let it get to you too much.

“I may be the first that’s doing this sort of event, but I know I’m the first of many. And I’m going to be here tomorrow, and I’m going to be here every single f**king day of S.I. 

“There are d**kheads out there, sure. But there’s a huge amount of love and a huge amount of support behind the scenes and in front of it. And it’s going to grow.

“If you are out there and you feel like chat is beating you down, try not to let it get to you. Know that there is a lot of love and there is a lot of support and keep grinding, because I’m here off my own merit regardless of what the f**kers say.”

The video received a lot of love from Captain Fluke’s fans, including a message of support from the official Rainbow Six Siege account and fellow esports commentator Parker Mackay.

The Six Invitational event runs from 11 – 16 May, on the Rainbow 6 Twitch channel.

Check out a trailer for the event below.

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