Animal Crossing player turns their island into Resident Evil Village, and its terrifyingly adorable

Resident Evil Village Animal Crossing

Plenty of Animal Crossing players have made a spooky island in their game. But how about Resident Evil Village spooky?

Well that’s what one Reddit user, masabow1018, has done. Introducing… Animal Village.

They’ve shared images of the island on Reddit, revealing their horror handiwork. Here’s a family photo:

The island has been split up to reflect the different areas of Resident Evil Village.

Beginning in the central Resident Services, there’s a sprawling castle area with wine barrels and skulls, a creepy church, a technological area to reflect Heisenberg’s factory, and a lake area around the museum – that’s where the fish are kept, of course.

And yes, there are eerie dolls around the Able Sisters shop to represent House Beneviento. We’ll never look at those adorable hedgehog sisters in the same way again.

What really impresses are the outfits.

Yes, that means masabow1018 has dressed up their villager in Lady Dimitrescu cosplay, even if they’re a bit too small and cute to step on anyone.

There’s also a masked Donna Beneviento with her dolls, and a Heisenberg who looks like the Animal Crossing lovechild of Johnny Depp and John Lennon. 

Poor Moreau remains just a fish.

If you want to visit the island yourself in a dream, you can use the dream code: DA-3210-6005-0459. Luna will whisk you away in your dreams, or should that be nightmares?

Other fans of Resident Evil Village have been finding plenty of innovative ways to celebrate their favourite villains.

If you’ve ever wondered what Lady Dimitrescu dancing to Nelly Furtado’s “Maneater” would look like, then wonder no more. It’s certainly a mood.

Capcom also shared behind the scenes footage of actress Maggie Robertson performing the role.

And drag streamers and artists have been recreating incredible looks, both of Lady Dimitrescu and Heisenberg.

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