Drag Race legend Trinity The Tuck spills the tea on the worst guest judge: ‘She stole Shea’s sandwich’

Trinity the Tuck

RuPaul’s Drag Race legend Trinity The Tuck has spilt some piping hot tea about the rudest guest judge she ever encountered during her time on the iconic show.

Trinity has become a drag icon since appearing on Drag Race season nine and taking home the All Stars 4 crown, which she shares with Monet X Change. The Drag Race legend has shared some juicy tidbits about her time on the show in an interview on the Australian series The Real House Husbands Podcast.

In a rapid-fire question round, Trinity opened up about who she thought was the rudest celebrity guest judges during her time on Drag Race. She labelled Meghan Trainor as one of her least favourite guest judges. Trinity said the “All About That Bass” singer wasn’t rude per se, but she “didn’t seem like she wanted to be there”.

“She was just like whatever,” Trinity explained. “Apparently, she took Shea Coulee’s sandwich during season nine during lunch before she could get to it. That’s what I was told.”

Trinity The Tuck didn’t originally name Trainor as the rudest judge thought. Instead, she mentioned another judge from Drag Race season nine, but she couldn’t remember the judge’s name or what episode they appeared on. Trinity said the mystery guest judge was a “Broadway actress” who “wore gold” during her appearance on season nine.

“She was just so freaking rude,” Trinity recalled. “You don’t really interact with her, but just her commentary was just so rude.”

This isn’t the first time that Trinity has mentioned Trainor’s blatant sandwich theft. Trinity told the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast that Trainor was “very blasé” and “didn’t come across as respectful” or “interested”. She then mentioned that Trainor “stole one of the girl’s sandwiches on set from catering”, and the sandwich-less queen “had to go get their food elsewhere”.

But Trinity The Tuck had nothing but good words to say about the queen and legend Lady Gaga, who also appeared on Drag Race season nine. Trinity said she felt like she was having a “genuine conversation” when Lady Gaga gave her critiques on the show. She added: “She was there to really help us through this competition.”