Author and podcast host Denne Michele receivers outpour of love after coming out as a trans woman

Author and podcast host Denne Michele comes out as a trans woman

Author and Food 4 Thot podcast host Denne Michele has come out as a trans woman.

Hello world!!” Denne wrote on Twitter on 6 June. “My name is Denne Michele and I’m a reader, a writer, a former figure skater, and a Black trans woman.”

“So happy to meet you!” they added.

Food 4 Thot, which Denne co-hosts, is a “queer brown podcast about sex, identity, culture, and reading” that is “Like NPR, on poppers”, according to its Twitter bio.

This week’s episode – titled “Gender? I hardly know her!” – is the first since the pandemic hit and is all about transition.

On the podcast’s Substack, Denne explains: “New gender, who dis? Honies, we are back and we couldn’t be happier about being in your earholes once again. The Panera has taken a toll on all of us, and we all hated not being in person in a studio talkin’ about baby arms, bottoming tips, and the white supremacist, cis-heteropatricharial, murderous machine(s) of late capitalism.

She continued: “This week on the little broadcast, we are talking about *gender* and *changes* and *choices*. You may have noticed that some of us thots are on a little gender journey and we’re finally ready to let you ride shotgun!

“Like every week, we serve you a nasty mix of the high and the low. Identity discourse! Saline fleets vs. Twitter fleets! Olivia Colman threw the first brick at Stonewall!”

Denne, who is also senior fiction editor at The Rumpus, has added she/they pronouns to their social bios. The reaction to their coming-out has been an outpouring of support and affirmation.

Hundreds of people said they were happy to meet her, welcomed her, congratulated her and sent her love.

“Welcome, Denne! I’m Bree a fellow Black trans woman and writer. Welcome to the club!” one person responded.