Teen shares family’s incredible reaction to him coming out as trans in tear-jerking video

Axe TikTok as axel_.jay coming out trans

A teenager has shared the heartwarming reactions that their family had to them coming out as trans in a tear-jerking TikTok video.

TikTok user axel_.jay, who identifies themself as Axel on the platform, shared their coming out story in a video posted in April. Axel, who uses “he/they” pronouns, captioned the video with the words “something that is way overdue”.

He is seen sitting in front of a door with tears streaming down his face as the Mama Mia! song “Slipping Through My Fingers” plays in the background – which is a mood.

Axel shared that as they came out to their family they noticed that their mum was “looking at me in a really different way”.

“She waited until I finished talking before turning to me and saying two words: Well duh,” Axel explained.


Something that is way overdue #trans #enby #theythem #family #comingout

♬ Slipping Through My Fingers – From ‘Mamma Mia!’ Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Meryl Streep & Amanda Seyfried

He said that his dad told him “how proud of me he is” while his mum “gave me a massive hug”. Their brother had a more sibling-like reaction to Axel coming out.

“My brother come and punched me in the arm and told me that I could suck it because he’s the tall brother,” Axel said. “I’m so lucky.”

The comments section was filled with love for Axel and their amazing family’s reactions. One person admitted they thought Axel’s parents wouldn’t support him “since you were crying” in the video, but they were “really proud of you for doing that”.

Another person commented that the ‘adorable’ video was about to make them ‘cry’. Someone else wrote that the video is “literally so wholesome”, and they were glad that Axel coming out as trans to his family “went well”.

Axel has shared more about their life as a trans person in the weeks since coming out. In one TikTok video, he implored people to “stop outing” others “when they meet someone new”. The video started with Axel sitting down while the words “This is Axel, he’s trans” appear on the screen.


Stop outing people when they meet someone new, it’s not on #trans #awareness #pridemonth #stopit ♬ Devil Town – Cavetown

Axel shared another video in which they charted their journey after “joining TikTok last year for fun”. The video ends with Axel appearing on the screen with an LGBT+ Pride flag and the words “emo”, “trans” and “three new mental illnesses” on the screen.

“It’s been a rough 18 months,” Axel captioned the video.


It’s been a rough 18 months….. #tiktok #trans #pridemonth #lgbt #mentalillnessinitt #wtfhappened #alottounpack ♬ original sound – NashCash