WWE star Toni Storm proudly comes out as bisexual: ‘It feels good to say it’

WWE star Toni Storm

WWE NXT star Toni Storm has come out as bisexual during Pride Month, declaring: “It feels good to say it”.

This week Storm, real name Toni Rossall, was hosting a takeover of the WWE NXT Instagram stories to mark Pride Month.

Appearing in a rainbow pompom hat, Storm said: “When it was announced that I would be taking over the Instagram for Pride Month, I noticed a lot of people were like, ‘Toni, are you just an ally? Are you in the community? What’s going on?'”

The Australian superstar explained: “I guess now’s a good time to say, well, both. I am an ally, and I can’t exactly say that I’m straight. I’m bi, and it feels good to say it.

“It’s something I’ve been really comfortable with for a long time. I just never really expressed it.

“I don’t know, I just never found the right time and it’s Pride Month and I’m on your Instagram so now is a good time, I guess.”

Fans of the professional wrestler, a former NXT UK women’s champion who also set records for the longest reign as world champion of the Japan-based World Wonder Ring Stardom, took to social media to congratulate her.

One wrote: “A wonderful moment and a reminder of how far the business of professional wrestling has come. The more people that feel safe here, the more people there will be.

“I’m happy Toni felt safe and comfortable enough to share this part of her with us.”

“Thank you so much for this,” wrote another. “It’s nice to be able to look at athletes and celebrities and see yourself.

“I’m a bisexual person and this has just made me so proud to know that it’s OK to be me. Thank you Toni. You are amazing.”

Storm even got a shout-out from WWE legend Triple H, who wrote on Twitter: “Proud of Toni Storm today and everyday.”