Everyone’s favourite bisexual prankster god Loki joins Fortnite, and he’s ready to stir things up

Loki Fortnite

Everyone’s favourite Avengers prankster Loki has moved from Asgard to Fortnite, joining Epic’s ultra-popular battle royale game.

Loki Laufeyson, a.k.a. the trickster God of Mayhem and Mischief, just made his way onto Fortnite‘s Island ready to stir things up. The bisexual villain, whose sexuality was confirmed by Marvel last month during the launch of his Disney+ show Loki, is headlining the Fortnite Crew subscription service.

In the most recent episode, which aired last week, the Disney Plus series confirmed that Loki is attracted to one than one gender, after the God of Mischief and his alter-ego Sylvie arrive on a bisexual-lighting-illuminated moon.

After they strike up a conversation about love, Sylvie asks if there were any “would-be princesses” or princes in his past and Loki replies: “A bit of both, I suspect the same as you.”

Sadly since then, Loki bosses have said that there won’t be any further exploration of his bisexuality. Sigh.

However, at least we can enjoy him in Fortnite, as he slays in his classic gold-edged cape, sharp gold horn helmet, a glider based on the Chitauri chariot, and scepter pickaxe. The crew pack bundle also features a brand new loading screen showcasing his enchanting arrival.

Loki Fortnite

Epic Games

Loki Fortnite

Epic Games

The monthly crew subscription offers 1000 free V-bucks, the current season’s battle pass and the current Loki skin for $11.99 / £8.72  a month. The July Crew Pack inspired by Marvel Studios’ The Avengers is available now.

Loki is not the first superhero from the Marvel universe to make their way into Fortnite. From adding Thor, Wolverine, Deadpool and Iron Man to giving Avengers Infinity War & Endgame their own crossover mashups that saw players fight it out to own Thanos’ Infinity Gaunlet.

Just last month, Fortnite launched season 7 of the game, with a galactic space theme that saw the invasion of flyable UFOs.

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