Loki director responsible for game-changing bisexual reveal exits ahead of season two

Marvel Loki

Loki and Sylvie may be returning to Disney Plus for season two, but their bisexual champion and executive producer Kate Herron sadly won’t be.

The hit show’s director and producer is responsible for the game-changing character development that saw the God of Mischief confirmed, once and for all, as canonically queer.

Herron, who is bisexual herself, said that acknowledging Loki’s sexuality was one of her priorities when she joined the team – but sadly she won’t be at the helm going forward.

“I’m not returning,” the UK-based filmmaker told Deadline. “I always planned to be just on for this, and to be honest, season two wasn’t in the… that’s something that just came out, and I’m so excited.

“I’m really happy to watch it as a fan next season, but I just think I’m proud of what we did here and I’ve given it my all. I’m working on some other stuff yet to be announced.”

The subtle reveal that Loki enjoys “a bit of both” in the bedroom was a groundbreaking moment of queer inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it predictably sent fans into orbit.

Unfortunately the series drew to a close without exploring this further on screen, leaving viewers hungry for more.

Kate Herron hopes there is ‘more road to travel’ with Loki bisexuality

When previously asked if season two could see the trickster god share a “romantic connection with a man,” Herron was cryptic yet hopeful, suggesting that she’d “opened the door to more stories” regarding Loki’s sexuality.

“Basically I don’t know plans for the future with Loki – I’m so focused on this story,” Herron told Collider.

“But I would say that part of my thinking was, well, if it’s canon and it’s acknowledged, then yeah I hope there’s obviously more road to travel with that aspect of his personality. And I hope it has opened the door to more stories, definitely.”

It’s not clear what Herron’s departure will mean for the Disney Plus show’s LGBT+ representation. Without a queer creative at the helm, could Loki’s sexuality become a mere footnote in his character? Let’s hope not.