Jamie Lee Curtis proudly reveals her daughter is trans: ‘Gender is in constant metamorphosis’

Jamie Lee Curtis wearing black top on the red carpet

Jamie Lee Curtis has revealed that her youngest child is trans – and she’s even officiating her daughter’s wedding.

The venerable Hollywood star told AARP Magazine how she and husband Christopher Guest “have watched in wonder and pride as our son became our daughter Ruby”.

And Ruby, a 25-year-old computer gaming editor, is marrying her fiancé next year, the Freaky Friday and Knives Out icon added. And Curtis said she is going to officiate the wedding.

Her daughter coming out as trans and proudly living her truth helped challenge what Curtis described as “old ideas” about gender and realise that life is in no way fixed – it is in “constant metamorphosis”, she said.

With older sister Annie, a 34-year-old dance instructor, already married, Curtis said she currently has no grandchildren.

“Not yet, but I do hope to,” the 62-year-old told the magazine for AARP, an advocacy group for over-50 Americans.

Jamie Lee Curtis wants to do LGBT+ stories ‘justice’

Curtis has long been one of Hollywood’s most high-decibel LGBT+ allies. In 2019, she said that people have the right to keep their sexuality private unless they take aim at LGBT+ rights.

“I don’t think it’s anybody’s business what people’s sexuality is, to be perfectly honest. I find it like a reverse discrimination,” she told Pride Source at the time.

“[Unless] you legislate anti-gay legislation but are gay. I fully accept outing those people for the hypocrisy.”

She is also currently making a film about an Oklahoma woman who stands in for absent mums at same-sex weddings.

Jamie Lee Curtis speaks onstage during the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

Jamie Lee Curtis speaks onstage during the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards. (Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for GLAAD)

Sara Cunningham’s touching story of supporting queer people whose parents or guardians refused to attend their wedding pulled the heartstrings of Curtis, who bought the rights to Cunningham’s 2014 memoir How We Sleep at Night in 2019.

The self-published book about her personal journey of acceptance and understanding the LGBT+ community is one that Curtis told The Washington Post she wants to do “justice”.

“I continue to be thrilled as her movement is catching on,” she told the newspaper.

“I hope to do justice to her story and the story of so many marginalised people in the LGBTQ community.”