Our lord and saviour JVN swears by this face mask that makes their skin ‘look more beautiful’

Jonathan Van Ness beauty secrets

Jonathan Van Ness is always glowing, so fans might be wondering how they can emulate the Queer Eye star.

If so, brace yourselves because JVN has revealed one of their favourite beauty buys and it’s a face mask that they swear by.

The product is from the brand Herbivore and its named ‘Blue Tansy Invisible Pores Resurfacing Clarity Mask’.

The natural mask is said to sooth the appearance of redness and irritation and target dullness, enlarged pores and blemish-prone skin.

So if that sounds like some of your skin’s issues then you can get one of JVN’s favourite products from herbivorebotanicals.com.

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The product comes in a luxury glass jar and is a deep blue to mossy green colour with a price mark of $48.

Jonathan Van Ness notes this face mask from Herbivore as one of their favourites

Jonathan Van Ness notes this face mask from Herbivore as one of their favourites. (herbivore.com)

“It makes my skin look more beautiful,” JVN says of the product to Vogue, but also notes that they’re open to making their own masks, which is becoming an increasingly popular option as it’s more environmentally friendly.

Although they love a transformation – as we’ve seen on the first five seasons of Queer Eye – JVN also says that they feel like their role is “more about accepting who we are and embracing who we are.”

They told The New Yorker that they’re more “the anti-transformation beauty expert” because they want “people to celebrate themselves.”

Jonathan Van Ness reveals their daily skincare routine

They recently revealed their full daily skincare routine with a step-by-step guide on their YouTube channel.

JVN said they have been asked about it around “27,000 times” after starring on Queer Eye, so they wanted to “break it down once and for all” for their fans.

Jonathan Van Ness skincare routine

Jonathan Van Ness explains that suncreen is the “most important” part of their daily skincare routine. (YouTube)

The video features JVN discussing their favourite products for their day and night routines – mostly the brand Biossance by the way – and tips and tricks.

This includes the “most important part” of any skincare routine which is sunscreen, to not be “too rigid” with your skin and to always “give the neck the love it needs.”