‘Homophobic’ bouncer ‘violently’ rips gay couple apart while screaming ‘no kissing’

A woman holds a rainbow flag as people take part in the 19th Gay Pride Parade in downtown Zagreb

Bar bouncers ripped apart two young men and poured water on another who shared a kiss on the dance-floor in Korčula, Croatia, Pride organisers claim.

Just less than a month after violence tore through Zagreb Pride’s parade for the first time in 10 years, a string of homophobic incidents have been reported by victims to the capital’s top Pride organisation.

At the Lost in the Renaissance Festival earlier this month, according to a Facebook post by Zagreb Pride, a group of tourists visited The Jungle Club on the outskirts of Korčula.

Bouncers push and pour water on queer revellers simply for expressing their love

As two men began to dance inside, a security guard “violently separated [them]”, the Pride organisers claimed. The guard allegedly barked “no kissing, just dancing!” at them as they did so.

Just moments later, a second bouncer poured a bottle of water onto two other young gay men who were napping on a bench in each other’s arms.

The cooler proceeded to kick them out, it is understood, as they “drove them out of the party, pushing and rushing them roughly”.

“These cases, as well as homophobic violence and rioting we witness all year round, prove that homophobia in Croatia is not subsiding,” the non-profit said.

Participants attend the 17th LGBT+ Pride parade in downtown Zagreb. (STRINGER/AFP via Getty Images)

“In fact, attacks, rioting and insults are increasing.

“LGBT+ people in Croatia have the undeniable right to move freely on the streets, to kiss wherever they want, dance embraced at summer coastal festivals, hold hands in cafes and restaurants, live lives free from violence.”

Zagreb Pride urged victims of violence to reach out to not only the local authorities but the organisation itself which will provide them legal advice.

It comes after violence broke out in Korčula as assailants attacked, spat at and punched Zagreb Pride-goers, even burning and tearing apart Pride flags during the July festivities.

“For the first time in ten years, on the day of the Pride Parade of the LGBT+ community, Zagreb Pride, there was an outbreak of homophobic, fascist violence,” Zagreb Pride said in a Facebook statement at the time.

“Violence against LGBT+ people on the streets is becoming a serious problem for our society again.”