Deathloop QuakeCon video showcases thrilling multiplayer details – and it sounds like a wild ride


Deathloop, the PlayStation 5 exclusive, is out next month and at Bethesda’s QuakeCon event they gave some fresh information on how multiplayer will work in the game.

As Colt, players will be stuck in a time loop with the aim of assassinating eight targets in one day on the island of Blackreef to break the loop.

However, as fellow assassin Julianna, players can invade the game of Colt players to kill them first and protect the loop.

It’s a little like the invasion mechanic in the Dark Souls games, except there’s more of a narrative component. 

As narrative designer Bennet Smith explained, Colt and Julianna are the only characters to experience the time loop, so players will have to investigate why that is and why Julianna is so intent on killing Colt.

Julianna brings plenty of intrigue, then, so it’s exciting that players also get to play as her too.

Game director Dinga Bakaba explained more on the reasoning behind adding a multiplayer component. “It is an anecdote generator,” he said. “Two elements of chaos in a simulated world definitely creates some interesting moments.”

So how exactly does it work?

From the start menu, players will be able to choose whether to play as Colt or Julianna. When playing as Colt, Julianna will be either the AI or another player.

After customising your Julianna character, you hop into the world to defeat the resident Colt – either a friend or a random player. 

Colt has a reprise ability where he can revive twice, whereas Julianna has only one life. That means playing as Julianna will require great knowledge of the environments in order to stealthily defeat Colt using traps and misdirection. Hunting Colt is almost like detective work.

Playing as Julianna, then, is the ultimate test of your abilities and a fun twist playing as the nemesis. As an incentive for Colt players, defeating Julianna will yield a load of resources and abilities as your reward.

We can’t wait to play as these already iconic Black protagonists when Deathloop arrives on PlayStation 5 on 14 September.

Watch the full QuakeCon video below for even more details on the game.

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