Gameplay trailer for Life is Strange: True Colors introduces Alex’s male and female love interests

Life is Strange

First gameplay has been shared of Life is Strange: True Colors in a new video.

The video sees lead character Alex Chen perusing the Haven Spring’s Record Store and encountering two characters: Steph Gingrich and Ryan Lucan.

Alex is bisexual and both Steph and Ryan are potential romantic interests.

Players of Before the Storm will already be familiar with Steph. Here she runs the local radio station – the way she flirts with Alex who shyly responds is adorable.

There’s also DLC planned specifically for players to learn more about Steph’s past.

Ryan, meanwhile, is a sweet and unassuming “tree cop” and the best friend of Alex’s brother Gabe.

This 13-minute gameplay video offers a great introduction into these love interests who will both have worthwhile story threads.

It also offers a glimpse into Alex’s powers of empathy, as she experiences telepathically a very angry Steph on the phone.

Watch the gameplay video below.

It’s also fitting that we see the record store, with indie music featuring heavily in the game.

In addition to the likes of Hayley Kiyoko, Foals, and Sigur Ros on the soundtrack (not to mention the various indie bands referenced in the gameplay video), Australian duo Angus & Julia Stone have written an original soundtrack to the game.

Fittingly titled Life is Strange, it features 12 original songs dedicated to the complexity of love between siblings, families and communities – key themes of the game.

You can listen to the soundtrack in full on Spotify.

Further, Alex is played by rising star Erika Mori in both performance capture and voiceover.

Check out this Moment of Calm to see the game in action soundtracked by Angus & Julia Stone.

Life is Strange: True Colors will release on 10 September across PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Switch, PC and Stadia. 

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