Straight man sings karaoke and gets insulted by a drag queen during his first trip to a gay bar

Customers at the Admiral Duncan applaud the 2019 Trans Pride parade.

A straight man has written a hilarious article about being insulted by a drag queen and singing karaoke during his first ever trip to a gay bar.

John James wrote a review for MyLondon about his visit to the Admiral Duncan, which is often dubbed London’s oldest gay bar.

The reporter praised the pub for its “no nonsense charm and party atmosphere”, adding that he was “struck by how warm and safe the atmosphere was”.

During his trip to the Admiral Duncan, the journalist sang “Twist and Shout” on the stage and was subsequently mocked by the resident drag queen for his performance.

Thankfully, he shared a clip of his karaoke experience on TikTok for the whole world to see.

@johnjames2021First time♬ original sound – John James628

Elsewhere in the article, James praised the bar for its cheap pints and the sense of camaraderie and friendship among the locals.

His night out ended with him “staggering” out the door at 2am when he was “utterly spent and ready for home”.

Straight man wants LGBT+ community to ‘share the fun’ of gay bars

Closing out his article, James drew attention to the age old debate surrounding straight and cis people who go to LGBT+ venues.

“I’m aware that the idea of straight people frequenting LGBT spaces is frowned upon by some who prefer to keep the spaces safe for the community – and I completely understand their points,” he wrote.

“But for a night as good as that, it seems better to share the fun?”

Most LGBT+ Londoners will hardly be surprised to learn that James had the most fun of his life at the popular gay bar – the Admiral Duncan is, of course, widely loved by queer people in the city.

The pub also has a sad, tragic history – it was the site of a horrific nail bomb attack that claimed the lives of three people and injured dozens more in 1999.

Despite this, the Admiral Duncan remains a firm fixture in London’s queer nightlife.