Disney star Garrett Clayton shares magical fairytale-themed wedding to boyfriend of 10 years

Blake Knight and Garrett Clayton pose for photos together

Former Disney child star Garrett Clayton has shared details of his “fairytale” wedding to Blake Knight, who he has been dating for 10 years.

The Teen Beach Movie actor shared adorable photos of himself and Knight on their wedding day with People. The happy couple finally tied the knot last weekend after the pandemic forced them to push it back twice.

Garrett Clayton married Knight, a screenwriter, at a beautiful ceremony held at a private residence in Los Angeles, where Clueless star Alicia Silverstone officiated.

The couple, who got engaged in Iceland in 2018, had been “trying to get married for a long time”, Clayton told People. They were lucky enough to secure their dream venue – a residence owned by the Disney estate, which helped them piece together the perfect wedding day.

The venue features a wishing well inspired by Snow White, which was perfect for Clayton and Knight’s wedding. The couple, who are self-described “big Disney nerds”, were excited to treat their 160 guests to a spectacular, magical extravaganza.

Garrett Clayton was walked down the aisle by his mum

While the couple went for a “fairytale” aesthetic, they also wanted to keep things simple. They opted to not have a wedding party, and instead had their mothers walk them down the aisle.

Clayton also heaped praise on Silverstone for officiating the ceremony, saying she took her duties “seriously”.


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After the heartfelt ceremony, the guests played bocce ball, croquet, Connect 4 and giant Jenga on the lawn while drinking cocktails.

“We really wanted the wedding to be fun,” Clayton said. “Not just fun for us, but fun for everybody.”

The couple were also really eager to make sure there was little risk of COVID transmission at the wedding, so they had a picnic-style dinner afterwards.

Clayton and Knight will now wait six months before they embark upon their honeymoon to The Maldives and Japan.

The big day was particularly poignant for Clayton, who was warned to keep his sexuality – and his boyfriend – a secret early in his acting career.

“When we first made our relationship official, I was told to be in the closet professionally and no one even knew we were together yet,” Clayton told People.

“I was told enough times, ‘If you come out, you won’t be able to audition for 80 per cent of roles that you’d be seen for if you just stay in the closet.'”

He added: “It’s definitely been a journey.”