This fab Transgender Artists Bundle on aims to raise much-needed funds for trans developers transgender artists bundle

A transgender bundle has been launched on to support trans developers.

The Transgender Artists Bundle has been put together by non-binary musician sabrina_tvband, whose music is also part of the bundle.

The aim is to support trans games developers, with 21 items available in total.

The minimum payment is $10, with a goal to raise $20,000. The bundle value is $56, making a saving of 82%.

“This is a bundle consisting entirely of projects created by transgender artists. It has some great and inventive games, as well as four albums of electronic music,” reads the bundle page.

“The economic situation has been very difficult for a very long time, especially for transgender people. If this bundle does well, you’ll be directly supporting independent transgender artists during this tumultuous time.”

The Transgender Artists Bundle includes puzzle games, RPGs, narrative games and browser games, as well as music albums.

The platform is known for its charity bundles. 

Back in June, the Queer Games Bundle was made available for Pride Month, while last year the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality raised $8 million for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund.

To see details of the bundle and support trans developers, visit

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