Pro footballer says he’s bisexual and living with boyfriend in moving open letter

closeted footballers open letter

An anonymous footballer has written about his bisexuality in the wake of Australian pro player Josh Cavallo proudly coming out as gay.

Cavallo, 21, was praised for his courage and bravery after sharing his truth last month, becoming the only current openly gay male player playing professional top-flight football.

His actions have inspired another footballer to open up about his sexuality, according to Mundo Deportivo, a Spanish national sports newspaper that published a letter from an anonymous pro.

Bisexual footballer: ‘At least for now, I do not want to say who I am’

The athlete, a member of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, has not chosen to come out publicly as the “message itself is more important than the name”.

In the letter, the footballer also reveals that he is living with his boyfriend of more than three years.

“First of all,” the letter states, “I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Josh Cavallo for sharing his feelings with all of us.

“And now to say, like him, that yes, you can play football and be gay or bisexual, as I consider myself, or anything else.”

The anonymous athlete explained that he has long been gripped by an internal “debate” about publicly coming out. It has been “difficult”, he said, not being able to be open to the people he loves.

“And today I make the decision to continue with the message that [Cavallo] launched a few days ago,” he wrote.

Adelaide United's Josh Cavallo kicks a football in a match against Sydney FC

Josh Cavallo of Adelaide United kicks during the A-League match against Sydney FC at Leichhardt Oval, on 18 April 2021, in Sydney, Australia. (Getty/Cameron Spencer)

“At least for now, I do not want to say who I am and put a face to the movement, since, in my case, I believe that the important thing is more the message itself than the name that appears in this letter.”

He sought to stress that he will remain in the closet – something that is his choice to do so – as he values his “personal life […] that I have every right to protect”.

The player added that as much as professional football seems accepting, “unfortunately, it is not quite like that yet”.

To simply “start a life” with his boyfriend of three years,  he said, is still not considered “normal”.

The president of Spain’s premier football division, LaLiga, said he would be happy if a player ever came out as queer.

“If there are any homosexual players, and there probably are when looking at the percentages, then it would be good,” Javier Tebas told the press in 2020.

“I think it would be perfect if a player did it. But not because of it being good for society, it’s because the player shouldn’t have to hide it.”