Drag Race’s first straight, cis man says straight men ‘are not a persecuted group’ in drag

Maddy Morphosis, a bald drag queen covered in pink paint

Maddy Morphosis, the first straight, cis man to appear on RuPaul’s Drag Race, has spoken out following criticism of his casting.

News that Maddy would compete on the upcoming 14th season of Drag Race was met with some criticism, with some raising concerns about people from outside of the LGBT+ community entering drag spaces. 

In response, the performer opened about her own experiences in drag, explaining what led her to performing in the drag scene.

“…I entered the scene shortly after high school, because it was a safe space for me to explore my own gender identity,” she said.

“The people I met, and the experiences I had helped me understand more about gender and sexuality, what it meant to me, and where I fit in with everything.”

“Drag wasn’t even something I considered when I first started going out. It was something that just happened to be in the scene I was in, that I fell in love with. But doing drag the last five years has given me the opportunity to further explore my own identity, and also understand more about others’.”

Maddy also gently called out supporters who held her up as a representative for cis, straight men as a minority in drag.

“For anyone saying that I’m representing an underrepresented group, I appreciate you, but straight men are not a persecuted and excluded group within the drag community.

“I’ve always felt welcomed in every drag space I’ve entered, and have never been shunned, excluded or persecuted because of my sexuality. But I know many entertainers who have been discriminated against for being AFAB, trans, PoC and more.”

“I think one of the best things to come out of my casting is that it’s kicking up a lot more talk about representation in the drag scene. And I hope that it helps lead to more marginalised groups being showcased and represented.”

Drag Race has previously come under fire for its lack of gender diversity, something it seems keen to correct going forward.

The upcoming 14th season also includes two out trans women – a first for a regular, American season of Drag Race.

The most recent All Stars also cast two out trans women (Jiggly Caliente and eventual winner, Kylie Sonique Love), and international editions, particularly Drag Race Thailand, have been notably more trans-inclusive.

Drag Race UK’s most recent run introduced the franchise’s first cis woman competitor, Victoria Scone – but the show is yet to open its arms to drag kings.

Maddy Morphosis will appear in season 14 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, which premieres on January 7, 2022.