Christmas comes early for Killing Eve fans as cryptic teaser drops: ‘I’m having a panic attack’

Killing Eve stars Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh

Killing Eve fans are losing their minds after a cryptic message was posted to social media: “I’m a homosexual having a panic attack.”

It has been a long, and we mean very long, 17 months since the final episode of Killing Eve‘s third series aired, leaving Villanelle and Eve-shaped holes in our lives.

Production for the fourth and final series was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but has since been forecast for spring 2022.

But on Wednesday (15 December), the Killing Eve Twitter account, run by a mysterious social media manager who has been named “Derek” by fans, dropped a cryptic message.

A short video showing a burning pink dress was captioned with one word: “Tomorrow.”

Fans begged for more detail, with one writing, “Derek please give us a time, I can’t be on this app all day”, but so far “Derek” has remained tight-lipped.

Killing Eve fans are clamouring for ‘new psycho lesbians content’

Series three saw Eve and Villanelle kiss for the first time, despite the show previously being accused of “queerbaiting”, and the end of the series left viewers on a cliffhanger, filled to the brim with queer tension.

Standing on a bridge, Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) promise to never see each other again, to walk away from each other and “never look back”.

However, the final moment shows the two women walking away, before they both turn to face each other.

Many suspect that the trailer for the fourth series may be imminently released, but fans are predicting that whatever “tomorrow” brings, it will be super queer.

One Twitter user wrote: “No because tomorrow is the 12/16, 1+1=2, 6÷2=3 and 1+2=3.

“What word has three letters? Sex. Villaneve sex scene confirmed y’all.”

Another simply apologised: “I’m sorry for the d**e I’m about to become.”