Young Royals: Netflix drops teaser trailer and release date for season three

A screenshot of Edvin Ryding as Wilhelm and Omar Rudberg as Simon from Netflix show Young Royals. (Netflix)

The highly-anticipated third and final season of Netflix’s popular gay Swedish drama, Young Royals, returns to screens next year.

The Netflix original series – created by Swedish showrunner Lisa Ambjörn – and starring Edvin Ryding and Omar Rudberg will tell the conclusion of Prince Wilhelm and Simon’s love story in the dramatic third and final season in early 2024.

The royal drama amassed a huge LGBTQ+ fanbase when it first aired in 2021 and it has skyrocketed in popularity since then. The series has been praised for its portrayal of the coming-of-age love story and authentic representation of teenagers navigating the highs and lows of secondary school.

The second season came out in November 2022, leaving fans on a dramatic note as to the fate of Wilhelm and Simon’s relationship after they encountered threats from friends, family and the media, all determined to drive a wedge between them.

On Friday (15 December) Netflix appeased restless fans with the first teaser trailer for the upcoming third and final season, which finished filming in June. The 25-second second teaser doesn’t give much away aside from the promise of unbridled, teen-addled, hormone-fuelled chaos.

The short teaser trailer instead offers a snappy highlights reel for some of the most dramatic moments in the third season.

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We can expect “screaming, crying and throwing up” as Simon, Wilhelm, August (Malte Gardinger), Sara (Frida Argento) and Felice (Nikita Uggla) tackle love affairs, public pressure and death head on.

Earlier this year Netflix also shared a “chemistry-filled” clip from the third season between Simon and Wilhelm. During the short scene the two share coy smiles, flirtatious touches and loaded words before Wilhelm suggestively drags Simon into another room.

During the first season Prince Wilhelm joined Hillerska Boarding School where he met classmate Simon. But his life changed overnight when his older brother, and heir to the throne, suddenly died. Lost in grief, he turned to Simon for comfort and the two soon started a romance.

But, consumed by bitterness and jealousy, Wilhelm’s cousin August captures and leaks Wilhelm and Simon’s sex tape. The scandal rocks the nation and season two sees Wilhelm and Simon frantically try and cover their tracks as they deny Wilhelm’s involvement and his family force him to stay in the closet.

After a ton of heartbreak and hardship, season two ends on Wilhelm delivering an empowering speech to his fellow classmates, teachers and the ravenous press in which he shockingly admits he was involved in the leaked sex tape with Simon. The season’s final shot shows Wilhelm turning around to smile at Simon before giving the camera a fourth-wall breaking defiant stare.

An image taken from Netflix's Instagram shows Young Royals actors Edvin Ryding and Omar Rudberg as Crown Prince Wilhelm and Simon dressed in their boarding school uniforms and walking hand in hand through some French patio doors with their backs to the camera
Young Royals is coming back for a final season. (Netflix)

No doubt, the third season will pick up from the fallout of Wilhelm’s confession as the loved-up couple navigate new found publicity and attempt to salvage their relationship.

In an interview with Rudberg for Vogue, he teased that viewers should “bring tissues” as the new season is going to be “going to be very shocking, very dramatic” as shown in the teaser trailer.

Netflix have officially announced Young Royals will hit screens in March 2024.

Young Royals season one and two are now streaming on Netflix.