Katy Perry dances with a giant, singing poo in new Las Vegas show and fans have thoughts

Katy Perry is dressed in white as she singers from a giant orange toilet during her Las Vegas residency

Katy Perry kicked off her highly-anticipated Las Vegas residency, and it’s already raising quite a few eyebrows for a bizarre moment featuring a giant, singing poo.

Perry performed the first show of her PLAY residency at the Resorts World Theatre in Vegas on Wednesday (29 December). The show features Perry singing her biggest hits in extravagant outfits with an over-the-top, psychedelic stage production.

During the show, Perry sang both inside and outside of a gigantic orange toilet while dressed in a white minidress and headpiece. At one point during the performance, the “California Girls” singer was joined by a giant, dancing poop.

The poo then serenaded the audience from its orange throne as Perry twerked on top of a huge pile of toilet rolls.

It’s a lot, and Twitter users were left baffled (and rolling on the floor).

Fans were also left reeling after another scene from PLAY in which Perry drank a beverage poured from her beer can bra.

The singer’s dress was comprised of metal can tabs and featured two smashed aluminium-looking cans covering her chest. Perry paused the show briefly for a quick refreshment, popped open one of the cans and poured the liquid into a large mug. The “Dark Horse” hitmaker then drank the beverage on stage next to a discarded COVID-19 face mask.

She also rocked a cut-out bodysuit, fringed chaps and mushroom cap in a garden-like set. The “Hot N Cold” singer posed alongside oversized mushrooms and even performed while riding a giant snail.

Katy Perry rides a giant snail during her Las Vegas residency show

Katy Perry rides a giant snail during Katy Perry: PLAY Las Vegas Residency at Resorts World Las Vegas on 29 December 2021. (John Shearer/Getty for Katy Perry)

Perry explained a bit more about the premise behind her eccentric show in an interview with GMA.

She shared that many of her shows had been “figuratively larger than life”, but this show absolutely took the cake as she plays “a doll” so everything had to be “three times the size of me”.

“It’s Honey, I Shrunk the Kids meets Pee-wee’s Playhouse,” she said. “We know what our audience is – people are here to have fun, people are here to let loose.”

Perry hoped her music will continue to help people “to be happy, to get their grief out, to dance, to put their makeup on”. She added: “We all need a soundtrack to our lives, and I hope I can be part of that.”

Katy Perry’s PLAY residency at the Resorts World Theatre in Las Vegas runs until 19 March 2022.