Marjorie Taylor Greene permanently banned from Twitter – but not for her rampant transphobia

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has been permanently banned from Twitter – and it’s got nothing to do with her transphobia.

The social media platform confirmed in a statement on Sunday (2 January) that Greene’s account was permanently suspended because of her habit of spreading misinformation about COVID-19.

A Twitter spokesperson said the Georgia congresswoman’s personal account (@mtgreenee) over “repeated violations” of the company’s policies surrounding COVID-19.

“We’ve been clear that, per our strike system for this policy, we will permanently suspend accounts for repeated violations of the policy,” the spokesperson said.

Greene’s account was suspended following the introduction of a “strike system” on Twitter in March 2021. The policy means that a person can have their account permanently removed if they share COVID-19 misinformation on five or more occasions.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has used her Twitter account to hit out at trans kids and gay people

The congresswoman has come under fire on numerous occasions for making anti-LGBT+ comments and for sharing misinformation and conspiracy theories on social media.

In July 2021, she was temporarily suspended from Twitter for a 12 hour period after she posted tweets that went against the platform’s COVID-19 policies.

She has previously tweeted QAnon conspiracy theories and once claimed that COVID-19 is not dangerous for people unless they are over 65 or are obese.

Marjorie Taylor Greene ultimately fell foul of Twitter’s policies on COVID-19, but her comments about LGBT+ people have largely gone unchecked.

In July 2021, she launched a bizarre rant about trans kids and gay sex on Twitter. Claiming to speak for all Americans, she said: “Your identity is not your sexual preference or what you like to do in the bedroom.”

She continued: “Most Americans don’t agree with the invasion of trans biological men in girls/women’s sports.

“Don’t forget Dem voters have daughters too and do NOT want biological men beating their girls.”

Greene – who is also a vocal opponent to the Equality Act – spent much of 2021 taking cruel potshots at a fellow congresswoman’s trans daughter.

Democrat Marie Newman, whose office borders Greene’s, hung a trans Pride flag outside her office in response to anti-trans comments made by Greene in February 2021.

Greene responded by erecting a sign outside her office that read: “There are TWO genders. MALE & FEMALE. Trust the science!”

Ironically, just months later, she downplayed the importance of science when asked about her personal beliefs.

In July 2021, when asked by a reporter if she believes in science, Greene replied: “I believe in God. And, of course, there is science. I don’t worship science, or think that science rules everything. I believe God rules everything.”