14 amazing Golden Girls gifts for the Dorothy, Blanche, Rose or Sophia in your life

Golden Girls merch

The iconic Golden Girls debuted on our screens 37 years ago introducing the world to Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia.

The hit series which ran for seven seasons in the late 1980s and early 1990s treated viewers to sharp jokes and an incredible all-female cast.

The programme, which premiered on 14 September, 1985 took a refreshingly progressive look at LGBT+ issues on television, which in turn paved the way for other comedy shows to follow their lead.

If you’ve always been a fan of the show, or you’re a first time viewer after it dropped on Disney Plus in 2020, then you might want some The Golden Girls themed merch in your life.

Whether you want a print or mug for yourself, or you want to say “thank you for being a friend” to The Golden Girls fan in your life then there’s plenty of products to choose from.

We’ve compiled a list of just some of the best The Golden Girls themed merch you can buy from the likes of Etsy and Teepublic.

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An art print of Rose Nylund who was played by Betty White in the hit series.

An art print of Rose Nylund who was played by Betty White in the hit series. (Etsy/LittleSisterNC)

You can get this art print of the iconic Rose Nylund who was played by Betty White on the series. The print features Rose repping her hometown of St. Olaf which is referenced throughout the show as White delivered hilarious anecdotes about the town and its people. It’s priced from £16.29 and you can get it from Esty here.

A mug featuring White's character Rose Nylund.

A mug featuring White’s character Rose Nylund. (Etsy/SouthernBluebirdDay)

This mug featuring Rose Nylund also has one of the character’s iconic quotes “Blow it out your tubenburbles” from the series. It’s from season three episode “Three on a Couch”, which sees the Golden Girls head to a therapy session together and hilarity ensues. The mug is priced at £13.96 and you can get it from Etsy here.

Golden Girls t-shirt

A “Stay Golden” t-shirt. (Teepublic/ris kingdom)

This classic t-shirt design features the four beloved women from the series – Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia. It’s available from Teepublic, you can also get the design on stickers, mugs, masks and more and you can buy it here.

Golden Girls t-shirt

A popular quote by Sophia from the hit series. (Teepublic/VonBraun)

One of the show’s popular quotes is Sophia’s “Excuse me, have I given you any indication at all that I care?”, which is an eternal mood. And now you can get it immortalised on a t-shirt with this design from Teepublic. To rep the original queen of shade you can buy the t-shirt here.

Golden Girls t-shirt

A “Golden Grams” cereal themed t-shirt – and they’re cheesecake flavoured of course. (Teepublic/harebrained)

The third and final t-shirt on this list is this “Golden Grams” tee. The cartoon design is cereal box-inspired and of course they’re cheesecake flavoured! The colourful design is also available for mugs, face masks and more. To shop this one and so many more The Golden Girls themed t-shirts head to Teepublic.

Golden Girls tote bag

A “Thank You For Being a Friend” tote bag. (Etsy/PrintableAREAUK)

Another edition to your The Golden Girls merch collection is this fabulous tote bag featuring the four ladies and the show’s opening theme “Thank You For Being A Friend”. There’s a number of colours to choose from including black, pink, blue and white and you’ll be eco-friendly by using a tote bag instead of plastic bags, all while doing it in style. This is available from Etsy here.

Golden Girls merch

A toiletry bag featuring the show’s characters. (Etsy/SpottyLottie)

This Etsy seller has created a makeup bag that features the four characters from the show. It’s available in three different sizes to suit all needs including a travel-size bag so it’s perfect for a trip with your Golden Girls. The bag is priced from £12 and you can also buy a set of three, to find out more and to buy them go to Etsy here.

Golden Girls face mask

A Golden Girls themed face mask. (Etsy/JennyWrenCreates)

Up next is a face mask, because what better way to protect yourself and other during a global pandemic than with a mask featuring icons Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia? They’ve been created by an independent Etsy seller and you can get it from the website here.

Golden Girls print

A minimalist style print of the four characters. (Etsy/coloursflyartprints)

This unique art print is inspired by the series and features a minimalist design of the four icons. It’s available in a number of different sizes so you could make it the centre piece of your art wall or get a postcard version as a collectible. To purchase the print and find out more go to Etsy here.

A cute Golden Girls print. (Etsy/LifesABeachGB)

If you’d prefer an art print with a bit more colour then you can get this cute cartoon design of The Golden Girls alongside the quote “Live like Rose, Dress like Blanche, Think like Dorothy, Speak like Sophia”. The mantra to live by is perfect to pop on your wall to read every morning. This print has been created by an independent artist on Etsy and you can buy it here.

Golden Girls mug

A Golden Girls themed mug. (Etsy/LittleDays2014)

If you’re a fan of a series or film then no merch collection would be complete without a mug. This includes a “Stay Golden” mug featuring the four characters from The Golden Girls. It can also be personalised so you can get your name or a friend’s name printed on the other side of the mug. To purchase the item head to Etsy here.

A Golden Girls tea towel. (Etsy/FascistPantiesLTD)

Continuing with kitchen-themed The Golden Girls merch is this tea towel design. The independent artist has created a design featuring the four characters and plenty of cheesecakes and it’s proven to be a popular product among fans of the show. It’s priced at £12.99 and you can get the tea towel from Etsy here.

A magnet featuring Blanche and Rose. (Etsy/RatherRude)

Another piece of The Golden Girls merch you can get is this dirty/clean magnet which will let Blance and Rose remind you if the dishes are dirty or not. It’s a bestseller on Etsy with one fan writing it’s the “perfect addition to my ever growing Golden Girl collection.” To purchase it for yourself or as a gift go to Etsy here.

Golden Girls merch

A birthday set perfect for fans of the show. (Etsy/ThomKofoed)

This gift set is an ideal birthday treat for The Golden Girls fans in your life. It features two prints, two badges and one greeting card alongside a famous quote of your choice. This includes “eat dirt and die, trash” and “I’m not one to blow my own vertubenflugen.” To shop the set head to Etsy here. Plus if you’re just after one of the birthday cards or prints then you can buy them individually from the Etsy seller’s store here.

To stream The Golden Girls on Disney Plus, viewers can sign up to the streaming service for £7.99 per month or £79.90 per year. To find out more and sign up go to disneyplus.com.