Kristen Stewart teases new TV project with fiancée Dylan Meyer: ‘We discovered a super brain’

Dylan Meyer and Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has opened up about working with fiancée Dylan Meyer on a new TV series.

The Twilight star and the screenwriter announced their engagement in November, and now it’s been confirmed that the couple made the decision to pair up professionally.

Speaking about their relationship in an interview with Vanity Fair, the 31-year-old stated: “I love being engaged. I just feel so happy and lucky.”

However, the Oscar-nominated Spencer actor had been hesitant to begin developing and writing a television series with her partner in case it would affect their romance.

Dylan Meyer and Kristen Stewart dress up as zombies with pale complexions and fake blood while wearing eye masks that read 'dead tired'

Kristen Stewart and her fiancée Dylan Meyer ‘play dead’ in a zombie-themed Valentine’s Day post on Instagram. (Instagram/@spillzdylz)

“You don’t want that to affect this beautiful relationship you have,” she added, before revealing that the smitten couple wrote the first episode in about a week and a half.

She stated: “Like we discovered a super brain. She’s a really genuinely brilliant f**king screenwriter.”

Meyer and Stewart originally met on a movie set in 2013 but only started dating after reconnecting in 2019.

Kristen Stewart recently told CBS Sunday Morning that the pair haven’t set a date for the wedding yet, but “it’ll happen when it’s supposed to happen”.

“But I also don’t want to be engaged for, like, five years,” she added. “Like, we want to do it, you know what I mean?”

Meyer has been absolutely supportive of her fiancée and previously revealed she had a backup plan in place in case Stewart was snubbed for an Oscar nomination.

Shortly after the Academy Award nominations were announced, Meyer posted a photo on Twitter of a fake Oscar statue with the inscription: “Best Sweetheart”.

“Guess I’m not going to have to give her this anymore,” she joked.

Meanwhile, Stewart previously teased her plans to create gay ghost-hunting show which she described as  “a paranormal romp in a queer space” featuring “elevated aesthetics” because “gay people love pretty things”.