University Challenge contestants baffled by Charli XCX’s iconic gay anthem in hilarious clip

University Challenge contestants

Charli XCX fans were left stunned after University Challenge dropped her iconic anthem “Vroom Vroom” during a bonus round.

The inclusion of the British chart-topper’s track on the BBC quiz show was a pleasant surprise for fans, with a clip of contestants trying – and failing – to identify it quickly going viral.

Monday’s University Challenge (28 February) saw students from two Cambridge colleges go head-to-head – Trinity College and St John’s – with the teams challenged to a music round for bonus points.

“You’ll hear a track by an artist performing their own material and a track by an artist they wrote for earlier in their career,” host Jeremy Paxman explained.

As the SOPHIE-produced “Vroom Vroom” began playing, the contestants were left shaking their heads in confusion.

Charli XCX ‘disrespected’ on University Challenge, fans joke

Fans couldn’t resist poking fun, with one writing on Twitter: “Embarrassing for @Cambridge_Uni that their cleverest students couldn’t even name this modern masterpiece.”


“The DISRESPECT,” one music lover lamented, while another tweeted: “@charli_xcx they’ve butched you.”

“Can’t believe the Tabs didn’t know this masterpiece, what is the world coming to ?,” another added.

One viewer commented: “I have lost count of how many times I’ve watched this ?I want to meet the homosexual that wrote these questions. We are EVERYWHERE.”

“Vroom Vroom” was the title track from XCX’s 2016 EP, produced entirely by the late trans icon SOPHIE, and is an ode to “good times” and good rides.

The song is just one of many reasons why Charli XCX has amassed a big gay following. Bottoms everywhere rejoiced recently when the singer teased a line of official, signed douches – a nod to a 2019 incident which saw a fan ask her to sign his “spare” douche.

It’s not the most unusual thing XCX has been presented with by a fan. Shortly before the douche encounter, she posed for a photograph with one fan and a vial which he said contained his mother’s ashes.