Drag Race fans declare Spanish spin-off greatest in herstory after mind-blowing episode

Drag queen Drag Sethlas transforms from a small car into a dancing queen during the second episode of Drag Race Espana season two

RuPaul’s Drag Race fans have been left with their jaws on the floor after mind-blowing performances by queens on season two of the Spanish spin-off

The talent show is a time-honoured challenge within the global drag franchise, allowing queens to showcase their amazing talents in live performances. But the Drag Race España season two queens have absolutely raised the talent bar for any future seasons – both in Spain and abroad. 

Fans were left in awe after Drag Sethlas’ stellar lip sync performance to a remix of Benny Benassi’s hit “Satisfaction”. The Drag Race stage was decorated like a small race track, including the hunky Spanish pit crew dressed as an actual pit crew as well as a small blue and pink car. 

But then, in an absolutely shocking turn of events, the tiny car turned out to be Sethlas disguised as some sort of drag-cepticon. The pit crew then helped the queen with a series of quick costume changes before they came together for a superb dance break that kept the judges and fellow contestants screaming in joy. 

Sethlas then finished the fabulous lip sync by jumping down from a huge box and landing in a perfect split – just breathtaking. 

Drag Race fans took to social media to discuss the sensational performance, and one person even declared it was “hands down the best talent show performance in the entire franchise”. 

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Every single phase of me watching Drag Sethlas perform pic.twitter.com/lmrKwO1gye

— Julio Mtz (@julesnroll) April 4, 2022


Drag Sethlas is fierce. pic.twitter.com/4on23H0qf8

— Xander (@NightmareWiz) April 4, 2022

Others shared their astonishment at how talented the Drag Race España queens are and pleaded with others who might be experiencing Drag Race burnout to give the show a try because they won’t be disappointed.

Even Spanish queen Choriza May, who was one of the contestants on the third season of Drag Race UK, shared that she is “hooked” on the show. She told fans on Twitter that she was left “speechless” after the talent show episode, adding “these girls are something else”.