Eurovision is coming to Canada and fans have some thoughts

The Eurovision Song Contest logo

Canada is about to get a whole lot camper as the Eurovision Song Contest is officially coming to the country.

Organisers confirmed on Tuesday (26 April) that Eurovision Canada will launch next year.

Each of Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories will duke it out in a singing battle for musical supremacy.

The Canadian version will largely remain faithful to the typical Eurovision template. It will kick off with a series of qualifier competitions and semi-finals leading up to a tense live primetime grand final.

The official broadcaster and host have yet to be announced.

Eurovision Canada will see singers ‘compete for the ultimate gold medal’

Eurovision Canada comes hot on the heels of the American Song Contest (ASC), which will take place for the first time later this year.

The team behind Eurovision’s upcoming US spin-off will help produce the contest alongside Boat Rocker-backed production company Insight Productions.

“If music was the World Cup of Olympic figure skating or hockey, with artists from all over Canada coming together to compete for the ultimate gold medal – that is what we envision for Eurovision Canada,” ASC, Inc producer Peter Settman said in a statement.

Céline Dion looks at the camera inside a car

Canadian singer Céline Dion found her footing representing Switzerland in Eurovision. (Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

“We aim to bring all the excitement and spectacle of Eurovision, combined with the originality of Canadian artists to create something as unique and diverse as Canada itself.

“Not to mention, as native Swedes, we too know the cold – and we can’t wait to bring the heat!”

The news was met with a mixed response – with many wishing Canada was being invited to Eurovision proper.

Though Canada has never formally entered Eurovision, it has gifted the world with Céline Dion, 54, who won the contest as a then 20-year-old rookie in 1988.

“The Eurovision Song Contest’s unique legacy dates back 67 years and its worldwide popularity continues to grow,” said Martin Österdahl, an executive supervisor for Eurovision.

“It is time for Canada to join the party and become a player in this worldwide spectacle.”