Amazon slammed for ‘banning’ queer erotic film Shortbus: ‘Utter hypocrisy’

Amazon has been accused of double standards after it reportedly “banned” the queer erotic film Shortbus.

The cult 2006 film, directed by Hedwig and the Angry Inch‘s John Cameron Mitchell, tells the story of a sex therapist who is invited to a weekly artistic and sexual salon along with a diverse group of New Yorkers.

It features real, graphic sex scenes, including shots of penetration, female masturbation and orgasm, erect penises and ejaculation, as well as a gargantuan orgy scene.

According to IndieWireefforts to place the film on Amazon Prime Video have been rejected due to its so-called “offensive content”.

It is available to stream on the platform via third-party paid-for service Mubi, however Shortbus’ distributor allege that Amazon will not allow the film to join its main offering.

However a Twitter user found that Brown Bunny – which like Shortbus contains a non-staged sex act – is still available to rent and buy on the platform.

Shortbus’ distributor Oscilloscope Laboratories president Dan Berger told IndieWire: “There’s no shortage of d**ks readily available on Amazon, and apparently, there are plenty behind the scenes too.

“The prudishness and utter hypocrisy of refusing to carry this film – one that is the height of healthy representation, inclusiveness, and support for a community often persecuted – only further perpetuates abuse and they should be ashamed.”

Several fans of the cult movie have decried the decision by Amazon, with one Twitter user implying that queer representation is promoted well if it is suitable for young audiences, but not if it includes representation of sex.

“The irony of the overlap in the news of this Hearstopper [Netflix] show (or more accurately how it is being pitched) and John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus being banned on Amazon Prime Video for ‘offensive content’ is not lost on me,” they said.

“Shortbus is by and large a wholesome, sex-positive movie, yet this s**thole country and its culture want you to believe that sucking d**c and eating a*s is more offensive than violence.”

Another called Amazon’s decision “stupid”.

Shortbus is a wonderful film and more people should see it,” they added.

IndieWire reported that Amazon Prime Video also cited Shortbus’ captions being “out of sync” in its rejection. The outlet reports that the captions work on other platforms.

PinkNews contacted Amazon for comment.