Queer Eye confirms big move for new season: ‘Get ready for more tears’

Queer Eye confirms big change for brand new seventh season

Everyone’s favourite tear-jerking show Queer Eye has confirmed a big move for season seven.

After seasons set in Texas, Georgia, Missouri and Pennsylvania, the Netflix show confirmed that it is coming to New Orleans for its seventh run.

Announcing that the Fab 5 had arrived in the city, the official Queer Eye Twitter account wrote: “The Fab 5 just arrived in The Big Easy and are already dripping in Mardi Gras beads.

“We’re so excited to join the party in this amazing city. Get ready for new adventures and more tears real soon.”

As well as its regular seasons filmed across the United States, Queer Eye has also produced special instalments in Australia and Japan.

The most recent season of Queer Eye saw Jonathan Van Ness (JVN) create a special bond with “hero” Angel Flores.

They later revealed on Instagram that they have become close friends with Flores, a 22-year-old transgender powerlifter and Olympic weightlifting coach.

The pair have been spending time together after the show, with Flores training helping to train Van Ness at the gym.

In an Instagram post Van Ness shared in January, she explained that they have been keeping in touch ever since Flores’ episode in Texas.

Alongside a series of candid pictures and videos, he wrote: “Angel appreciation post! Angel has been training me for a few months helping me keep myself strong and along the way she’s been joining us at gymnastics!

“This is a collection of a typical day at gymnastics except opening late Christmas presents and featuring the crazy gorgeous Austin sunrises and can we talk about the last slide with Angel landing a standing tuck!?

“I love you friend and thanks so much for being you!”

In a post-Queer Eye interview with Elle, Flores revealed that she is still together with her girlfriend, Katia Pineda, who was seen on the show.

She added that her father, who she reconnected with on the show, is happy to “help people” by answering any questions about having a trans family member.