Non-binary parent shares heartwarming story of how they came out to their young child

Non-binary parent shares heartwarming story of how he came out to his young children

A non-binary parent from Cardiff has shared the “hugely positive” reaction their young daughter has had to their coming out, with a colourful drawing of the family at Pride.

Dave Moore, 35, said he came out to his two young children after attending Bristol Pride with his partner and friends. Though he “wasn’t planning” on coming out to them, their daughter asked to see photos of their partner’s Pride makeup, then saw a photo of them wearing a dress at the parade.

His eight-year-old daughter then drew a beautiful picture of the family in rainbow colours, and said she would love to go to Pride next year.

“We were discussing some things and showing them photos, and eventually I ended up telling her [that he is non-binary]… and her reaction was lovely,” Moore told PinkNews.

“She drew that picture, and then she asked if we could all go to Pride together. It was really, really lovely.”

Moore explained that he was young when he began using make-up, and that the environment under Margaret Thatcher’s Section 28 law made him feel like a “freak”.

“My daughter has been incredible,” they told PinkNews.

“But I’ve also been thinking about my son and my nephew, who are five and six respectively. That was the age where I can pretty clearly remember thinking I was different, that I liked girls’ things, but also knew it was wrong.

“I just thought they needed to see that it’s okay, that it’s not weird… I want them thinking that they can do this, that if they like doing this [identifying as trans or non-binary] they are safe to do it, and wherever it goes, I will support them.”

Moore added: “I am a Section 28 child. The pain that we felt growing up the direct result of that policy.”

He added that his daughter knows some children at school who have “two mummies”, and that he is glad the younger generation will grow up knowing LGBTQ+ people are supported.

“I’m hopeful that in the future, you know, any friends of hers, who could potentially be LGBTQ+ and maybe don’t have supportive families, that they can they can look to us for a place of support, that we’re open,” he said.

Dave Moore and his partner (Dave Moore)

Moore’s story was first told by the Bristol Post, and they said that despite some “vile” comments from internet trolls, the response by online commenters and friends alike has been overwhelmingly positive, and they are pleased to be seen as a role model for other trans and non-binary people.

“The worst thing about being trans or non-binary, certainly for me when I was growing up when I did in the ’80s, was that I thought I was alone.

“The closest thing you got [to a non-binary role model] was David Bowie or Boy George.

“The the overwhelming sense I got from Pride was there are so many of us… To me, it’s like a window on what the future could be. Where everybody’s different, everybody’s weird, but it doesn’t matter.”

Moore added in the Bristol Post that he disagrees with the argument that children should not attend Pride, and that it’s the “happiest thing I’ve ever seen”.

He told the outlet: “The only time I’ve ever been anywhere close to feeling like that was at Glastonbury Festival, or when there’s a big sporting game – that feeling of an entire nation coming together as one.

“Those moments are very, very rare. Go and experience it, take your family along. And if you come out of that with a closed mind, then there’s something wrong.”