This affordable and Zendaya-approved skincare line finally launches in the UK

Zendaya's favourite toner has finally launched in the UK.

One of Zendaya’s favourite skincare products is finally available in the UK.

The Emmy-winning actor is a fan of a Rose Petal toner from popular skincare brand, Thayers that’s now launched this side of the Atlantic.

She previously revealed on her website that she used Thayers Rose to help keep her complexion clear, saying: “It’s really refreshing”.

Now, fans in the UK can finally get their hands on the brand as it’s launched exclusively at Boots.

The entire Thayers range – including Zendaya’s toner – is now available to shop in the UK at

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The Euphoria actor’s favourite edition of the toner is Rose Petal, but there’s a number of them to choose from including Cucumber, Coconut Water and Unscented.

The affordable skincare product is priced at £14.99 and comes in a 355ml bottle.

Zendaya has previously revealed that she's a fan of Rose toner. (Boots)

Zendaya has previously revealed that she’s a fan of Rose toner. (Boots)

Thayers has been around for 175 years and has its toner has become the number one in the US, gaining a legion fans, including Zendaya.

The skincare brand focuses on an alcohol-free range of toners and mists which are cruelty free and contain 98 percent natural ingredients.

The main ingredients are witch hazel and aloe vera, which both have a calming and anti-inflammatory benefit for the skin.

If you have an oily skin type, then witch hazel is more suited to combat this as it reduces breakouts and controls excessive oil production, while aloe vera soothes and moisturises the skin.

To shop Zendaya’s favourite toner and other Thayers products, head to

Zendaya advert declared a ‘lesbian murder mystery’

Zendaya and Anne Hathaway recently dropped the internet’s collective jaws with their new Bulgari advertising campaign.

The ad stars the two actors in what can only be described as a reverent lesbian murder mystery noir that you didn’t know you needed.

Entitled “Unexpected Wonders”, it was shot by Paolo Sorrentino and described as a short film that “dazzles and excites” in the same luxurious way that productions like Killing Eve and I Care a Lot do.

Writer Meech posted the Bulgari advert in a tweet, writing: “I’m kind of OBSESSED with this Zendaya and Anne Hathaway promo for Bulgari! It feels like a sexy rich lesbian murder drama. Carol II: Carol of the Belles.”

The rest of Twitter exploded in adoration, with some proclaiming Zendaya and Anne Hathaway the “celebrity duo we never knew we needed”.