Man accused of shooting Lady Gaga’s dogwalker re-arrested after accidental jail release

The main suspect in the shooting of Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga’s dog-walker, has been recaptured after he was mistakenly released from jail.

James Howard Jackson was “apprehended without incident” on Wednesday (3 August), nearly four months after his accidental jail release “due to a clerical error”, the county Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

Jackson was being held on attempted murder, second-degree robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery charges relating to the shooting and kidnapping of two of Gaga’s dogs in 2021.

The error made it appear as though the charges had been dismissed.

At the time of Jackson’s accidental release in April, Fischer urged Jackson to turn himself over “so resolution to the crime committed against me runs its course, whatever the courts determine that outcome to be”.

A month before he was captured, the US Marshals Service announced a reward up to $5,000 (£4,100) for information leading to Jackson’s arrest, according to The Independent.

The re-arrest came on the same day one of the three men charged in the case, Jaylin White, pleaded “no contest” to second-degree robbery and was sentenced to four years in prison.

Fischer appeared at White’s sentencing and said, per Rolling Stone: “You left me bleeding out and gasping for my life. I did almost die that night.”

Fischer described in detail the impact the attack had on him mentally, physically and financially. After he was shot, doctors has to remove part of Fischer’s lung to keep it from collapsing.

On the left: Ryan Fischer sits upright on a hospital bed. On the right: Ryan Fischer, shirtless, sits upright on a hospital bed

Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer (R) detailed the extent of his injuries in an Instagram video. (Screen captures via Instagram/@saintrocque)

“But it’s the mental and emotional trauma you caused that night that’s been much worse,” Fischer said.

He said he’d been left unable to continue his animal care business, and has had to rely on the kindness of strangers.

“I’ve lost all my money. I’m in severe credit card debt, and I’ve become dependent on the kindness and donations of strangers, friends, and family just to survive,” he said.

Fischer said he has not seen Lady Gaga’s dogs since the attack.

Jackson, White and Lafayette Whaley were first arrested in April 2021 in connection with the February 24, 2021, attack.

The trio allegedly ambushed Fischer and demanded he hand over Lady Gaga’s three dogs, Asia, Gustav and Koji.

When Fischer refused, Jackson allegedly shot the dog-walker in the chest with a .40-caliber handgun and took the dogs.

Fischer testified in front of a secret jury last year and recounted the violent attack.

“The dog [Koji] screamed at me, and I reached for him, and then the guy, the man with the gun, shot me as I was reaching,” he said, per Rolling Stone.

Two other suspects have been charged as accessories: White’s father ,Harold White, and his friend Jennifer McBride.

Rolling Stone reported that a .45 caliber handgun was recovered from a drawer in Harold White’s bedroom and that he told investigators: “There were some dogs in my backyard at some point.”

McBride returned the dogs to police days after the robbery, claiming she randomly found them tied to a pole.

The remaining suspects have plead not guilty and are due back in trial on 20 September.