Jameela Jamil suffered painful anal injury filming She-Hulk stunts: ‘Didn’t know that was possible’

Jameela Jamil and She-Hulk

She-Hulk star Jameela Jamil has opened up about the pitfalls of stunt work after she injured a very intimate area.

The actor, who plays super-human villain Titania in the new Disney+ series, spoke to ET about the difficult stunt work and action sequences involved in She-Hulk at the series’ premiere in Hollywood.

“Oh I did it all! I did it all,” Jamil said. “I was hurting in a place that I really didn’t know exists.”

To illustrate the point she revealed: “Like, you’ll probably have to bleep this out, but I pulled a muscle in my a**hole. I didn’t know that was possible!”

For the She-Hulk role, Jameela Jamil learned “Jujutsu and Kung fu and combat in the air”. She added: “I don’t know how much of it ever gets to make it to the big screen, because CGI is bonkers.

“But I got to do all my stunts pretty much myself! And that was something I’ve never done before, because I’m the ultimate couch potato. I am just a puddle with bangs.”
Jamil previously teased her stunt work after fans criticised first-look pictures of her character.

Responding to calling out her dishevelled hair, she tweeted: “Guys… I accept every ounce of shade here, but in defense of my excellent hair stylist, this is just my hair after a 14 hour stunt day in atlanta heat. Just after being upside down.”

Jamil has teased that her She-Hulk character is a pure, cold-hearted villain.

Speaking at Comic-con she said: “Some people online think I am a villain. Being a woman is a bit like being Batman. Die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.

“I feel all women feel that way, we are only given so long before we are just demonised so it’s nice to just come straight out the gate as a bad person.

“This character embodies the antithesis of everything I stand for, and all these things that I fight against I get to play and embody in her.”

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, starring Jameela Jamil and Tatiana Maslanyairs on Disney+ from 17 August.