Judy Murray slated by mum of trans golfer Hailey Davidson: ‘You know nothing about trans women’

In this photograph, Hailey Davidson poses while wearing a hat

The mother of trans professional golfer Hailey Davidson has hit back against Judy Murray for saying her daughter’s success is “not fair”.

Scottish-born Davidson, 29, came close to becoming the first trans woman in the world to join the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour.

Her early success in a qualifying tournament prompted predictable backlash, with Judy Murray, tennis coach and mother to former world number one Andy Murray, among those to complain about the inclusion of a trans woman in women’s sports.

Murray tweeted to say she didn’t think Davidson’s success was “fair” and that it was “wrong”.

The golfer’s mother Sandra Davidson, who lives with her daughter in Florida, said Murray’s comments show she “knows absolutely nothing about transgender men or women”.

She said since Hailey hit the headlines for her LPGA qualifier, she has faced death threats.

“Shame on Judy Murray for attacking another mother’s child,” Sandra told Scottish tabloid the Daily Record.

“You do not know my daughter Hailey and most importantly you know absolutely nothing about transgender men or women and therefore have no rights whatsoever to give your opinion on something you know nothing about.

“This woman does not know what she is talking about and should stick to commenting on tennis.”

Hailey Davidson’s golfing success

Hailey Davidson came close to joining the LPGA after enjoying huge success in the first two days of Stage I of the Epsom Tour Qualifying School in Palm Springs.

However, she narrowly fell short in the third round on 21 August. She didn’t score enough to join the other 106 golfers who will go on to the Stage II qualifiers in October.

Hailey is used to making history. Though the LPGA has allowed trans women for a decade (as long as they medically transition), she was only the second trans person to ever compete in the Epson Tour qualifiers, following 63-year-old Bobbie Lancaster.

Lancaster became the first trans woman to win a professional US tournament in 2021.

Her performance came amid a turbulent time for trans athletes competing in women’s sporting events.

Several governing bodies including Swimming Federation (FINA), the International Rugby League and World Athletics have all limited or banned altogether trans women from women’s sports in recent months.
Hailey anticipated backlash in 2021 when she stressed that she had actually lost 30 yards from her drive since she began medically transitioning that year. Those supporting anti-trans sports bans have long focused on the assumed physical advantages trans people have over cis athletes.

Hailey told Golfweek at the time: “I guess that’s what frustrates me the most. If I play bad, then people will feel justified – ‘Oh well, she played bad and wasn’t good enough.’

“If I do anything well, it won’t be because of the fact that I put my whole life into this… it would be because I’m trans.”