RuPaul explains why Drag Race is so vital in ‘strange and tough times’

RuPaul with big blonde hair, looking shocked

RuPaul believes Drag Race is vital because it teaches young LGBTQ+ people to “learn how to fight”.

Since launching in 2009, Drag Race has gone from scrappy, hazily-filtered niche reality show to international culture powerhouse.

But even as the show extends its reach, its core mission remains the same, RuPaul told Deadline.

Speaking with judge Michelle Visage, RuPaul stated that it’s not just the contestants on the show he encourages to find their community, but viewers as well.

“We encourage the kids on our show and the kids who are watching out there to find your tribe,” RuPaul said.

“Because during those tough times, they are the ones who will carry you through and who will remind you of who you are, how fabulous you are and to not take it all too seriously.”

He praised Drag Race queens for how they inspire communities, saying: “They come with the courage and the bravery. It’s inherent in their own story.

“In creating a landscape and an atmosphere where they can feel free enough to tell their stories, the world gets to hear how to navigate these treacherous waters.

“Young people get to hear our kids, our contestants’ stories and learn from them.”

RuPaul wears a one should dress in pink, yellow, tan and orange with a blonde wig on the set of Drag Race All Stars 7

RuPaul on All Stars 7 (WOW Presents Plus)

The show often turns political, and in this election year has ended every episode with a reminder for viewers to register to vote.

RuPaul said it’s vital as human rights are under attack in the US.

“We are in such a very strange time. All of the rights that we fought long and hard for could easily slip away,” he said.

“We’ve watched it with Roe v Wade, so it’s important that our voices are heard not only on our show, but at the polls.”

RuPaul is currently hosting RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race on VH1, with a new Masked Singer-inspired format.

The main Drag Race series has been confirmed for a 15th season, with All Stars 8 also in the works.