Kristin Chenoweth knew her ex-boyfriend was gay because he recognised her Louboutins

Theatre and musical icon Kristin Chenoweth has revealed how she knew one of her ex-boyfriends was gay – because he recognised that her shoes were Louboutins.

Schmigadoon!, the show that Chenoweth starred in on Apple TV+, sees her character engaged to a closeted reverend.

In a new interview with Los Angeles magazine, asked whether she’s ever been in a similar situation in real life, she replied saying: “Only once. He recognised my Louboutins.

“When you’re dating a man and he knows the brand of your shoes, immediately break up with him and become best friends.

“You know, I love my gays. I just don’t want to marry one. That’s all.”

To dump someone and then have them become your best friend, all because he recognised the infamous red-bottoms; now that is iconic.

Kristin Chenoweth attends the 27th Annual Critics Choice Awards (Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic)

Chenoweth also goes on to say that when the rapture comes – yes, that rapture, the “end of the world” rapture – it will be, “sexy”.

“We’ll be sitting here, and maybe we’ll be eating KitKats or something. And all of a sudden, I’ll be lifted up into the air and everything I have on or whatever I was doing will be left. 

“Yes, it’s sexy. I’ll leave behind my underwear and my socks.”

As if we couldn’t love her even more.