Gay sauna’s tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III has people baffled

Side-by-side photos of King Charles III and a stock photo of a man at a gay sauna

Pleasuredrome, a gay sauna in London, has announced a truly bizarre tribute to King Charles III and the late Queen Elizabeth II.

On Monday (19 September), the Queen’s funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey, prompting supermarkets, restaurants and even food banks to close their doors to the public. But not London’s biggest gay sauna!

To avoid losing its title as the “only gay venue in the UK that never closes”, Pleasuredrome announced this week that it would remain open on the day of the funeral.

While sex and drinking are perfectly fine, as a tribute to Her Majesty the gay sauna will play no music and its cinema, usually reserved for porn, will instead livestream the Queen’s funeral. We wish we were joking.

“The staff and management of Pleasuredrome Spa join together in expressing their sense of deep sadness and loss at the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II,” management wrote on the Pleasuredrome website.

“In accordance with Government guidance and advice, Pleasuredrome Spa will remain open on Monday, 29 September.

“As a mark of respect to her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, no music will be played within the spa and no films will be shown.

“The cinema and the main screen will show live events around Her Late Majesty’s funeral throughout the day.

“Guests at the venue are invited to join us in a toast to His Majesty King Charles III. Drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, including champagne, will be provided at the cost of the management of Pleasuredrome Spa for the loyal toast.”

Queer Twitter reacted with a combination of joy and complete disbelief.

“I am HOWLING,” wrote one person.

“Gay sauna Pleasuredrome will be open on Monday but as a mark of respect WON’T be playing any music or showing porn, but WILL be screening the funeral.

“So you can get buggered in mournful silence, then watch HLMTQ go off to her reward. #ItsWhatSheWouldHaveWanted.”

“We all mourn in our own way, but some ways just have a certain je ne sais quoi,” wrote another.

Some applauded the gay sauna for “doing the absolute most” with a “silent funeral orgy”, while another person insisted: “We absolutely have to be living in a simulation. I refuse to believe otherwise.”

As one person Twitter user out: “There is maybe nothing more indicative of the weird and tangled relationship (hegemonic) British homosexuality has with the state than the Queen’s funeral playing at Pleasuredrome.”