Drag Race UK’s Starlet on why she’s really just a ‘goofball’ and that awkward death drop

Starlet in Drag Race UK. (BBC/World of Wonder/Guy Levy)

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star Starlet, the latest queen to sashay away from season four, has insisted she’s a “goofball”, after judges said she didn’t look like she was enjoying herself on stage.

In the fourth season’s second episode, RuPaul told her she looked “uncomfortable” and when she insisted she’d enjoyed her girl group performance, Michelle Visage said to “tell her face”.

Some fans on social media agreed Starlet didn’t look overly enthusiastic to be there. 

But Starlet chalks it all down to the face tape she wore to hold the look together which “restrict” her facial movement. 

Speaking to PinkNews and other media, she insisted she really was a “goofball” contrary to the judges’ comments.

“I really wanted an acting challenge because the whole time I was saying I was a goofball and nobody is getting goofball,” she explained.
“I thought an acting challenge would just be such a good opportunity to just let loose and be stupid with everybody because we would all be doing it, so I wouldn’t have any reason to feel reserved or shy.”

When asked who she would have been for the season’s Snatch Game she said her choice was between Mr Bean or Ace Ventura.

“They are two characters that I have always found really funny, I grew up watching Mr Bean and love Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura movies because he is just an absolute idiot and it is hilarious. 

“As my truest self I am just a crazy goofball and my mum often says I remind her of Jim Carrey.”

When Starlet sat down to watch her elimination episode, she remembered feeling “panicked and worried” about being “completely humiliated” in front of the general public but in the end felt it “wasn’t as bad as I thought”.

And in response to the sudden – but slow – death drop which had viewers shook during her lip sync, she said: “I was just desperate to stay and thought, ‘Do you know what I have never done a death drop in my life, I’m gonna do one today,’ and it didn’t work.”

As the first South African queen to appear on Drag Race UK, Starlet has spoken previously about feeling proud to be representing the her country and plans to return to the South African drag scene.

“It will be happening, pinky promise,” she said.

“I have spoken with a few more queens and they are all doing viewing parties and have sent only love my way.

“It has been really wonderful connecting with a side of me that I found in England, that I never knew was always in South Africa.”

Although Starlet has left for now, she hasn’t ruled out returning to the Drag Race universe and has high hopes to “get into YouTube” and “breakout” into the fashion and makeup world. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season four airs every Thursday at 9pm on BBC Three and is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.