Cardi B wants to start going to gay clubs: ‘People ain’t turning up no more’

Rapper Cardi B performing with dancers in the background. (Getty)

Rapper, superstar and icon Cardi B has said she wants to start going to gay clubs, and all we can say is: See you there, hun.

Cardi, who is known for her infectious personality, quirky catchphrases, feisty lyrics and ongoing fued with Nicki Minaj, took to Twitter to express her discontent with “scammer/ bartender baddie clubs”, saying that people are not “turning up no more”.

She’s previously revealed she’s bisexual and has dated women.

She clarified that she feels like everybody just stares at each other ‘smelling like bacarrat’. Baccarat is a ‘boujie’ perfume.

Fellow rapper Mariahlynn Boss agreed with Cardi, commenting: “The gay clubs be crazy lit sis fr I love it”

Drag Race alum Carmen Carrera also gave her thoughts:

Some fans encouraged Cardi to join the party. One wrote: “Girl let’s go, I’ve got you on a good night!”

“Girl, we’ve always been where it’s at. Those clubs have always been about clout when the whole time were about culture and community,” another said.

A third commented: “Well let’s go out” – short and effective.

Others warned of some potential dangers of the plan:

It has to be said, however, not everyone on Twitter was entirely on board with the idea of Cardi coming to a gay club, assuming that she was straight.

One even quote-tweeted this *drastic* measure in an effort to stop straight people attending gay clubs.


Cardi B has previously rejected claims that she was queer-baiting in typical Cardi fashion, saying: “I ate b***hes out before you was born”. This was said in response to a biphobic tweet picturing the rapper.

She finished the bisexual tweet adding: “Sorry I don’t have razr phone pics to prove it to you” and said she had a girlfriend while in High School.

Her Twitter profile picture is still of Remy Ma due to a recent beef with Nicki Minaj, who has previously had history with both Cardi and Remy.

This is a separate argument to the most recent one that Nicki had with Big Latto.