Jinkx Monsoon brings iconic Snatch Game character Little Edie back to life

RuPaul’s Drag Race royalty Jinkx Monsoon, the Queen of All Queens, has resurrected her iconic Snatch Game character of Little Edie in a hilarious YouTube sketch.

Spoofing Vogue‘s “73 Questions”, Jinkx Monsoon takes part in Vague‘s “72 Questions”, performing as the same American socialite that snagged her the win in season five’s celebrity impersonation challenge.

Little Edie was the daughter of Edith Beale (Big Edie), and was best known for her appearance in the film Grey Gardens. It documented the two upper class recluses living in poverty in a derelict mansion with limited funds and in increasingly bad conditions.

(WOW Presents/ YouTube)

Despite the fact that Jinkx is actually asked about 10 questions – not 72 – the short film is packed with as much humour and nonsense that you’d expect from the only Drag Race winner to take the crown twice.

Complete with a screeching ‘Big Edie’ character – that only appears at the end of the sketch and is also played by Monsoon – references to cat giblets that will be sure to please any Drag Race fan and, of course, one liner after one liner, the sketch is (as Cynthia Lee Fontaine would say) ‘Cucu’.


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“Would you call yourself an extrovert?” asks the cameraman.

“I’m a very private person,” Little Edie/ Monsoon says: “You know, aside from doing a documentary in which I explained absolutely everything that’s ever happened to me, I don’t like to share private moments from my life.”

“How are the cats?”

“Oh they’re always screaming for the giblets.”

It’s pure nonsense – and it’s fantastic.

“What will you miss most about living here?” continues the cameraman.

“The sound of the ocean” answers Edie, just as a car horn goes off.

“What’s your favourite sound?” he asks.

“Churching. It’s the sound your heels make when you scrape ’em against the cement. You know, when the rubber stopper comes off and the nail is exposed – isn’t it terrible”.

It’s about as insane as Jorgeous winning a design challenge (no shade), but just adds testament to Jinkx’s already incredible legacy as a comedic genius.

The skit is part of “Sketchy Queens” – the sketch comedy show created by the two-time winner. It is streaming on WOW Presents Plus, the streaming service for all things drag.