I’m A Celeb: Viewers slam Boy George for calling Charlene White ‘controlling’

A split-screengrab image showing Boy George on the left and Charlene White in their jungle uniforms from ITV show I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! - (ITV_I'm A Celebrity...)

Boy George has sparked outrage among fans after calling fellow I’m a Celeb contestant Charlene White ‘controlling’ while making dinner for the camp.

The controversial incident happened after kangaroo sausages were delivered to the celebrities and White began organising how to use them for food.

In Tuesday’s (8 November) episode, he told producers in the Bush Telegraph: “She just issues orders, for me as an observer of my own feelings, it’s mind-blowing.

“I’m happy to do anything but there is sometimes no room to do anything.”

He also spoke to TV presenter Scarlette Douglas about his problem with White, who agreed with him.

He said: “I just feel like Charlene’s very controlling. She tells you what to do and it really rubs you up the wrong way. I’m struggling with that, but I’ll get over it.

“It’s fine, she’s very sweet as well so it’s a real contradiction. There’s this controlling side and then there’s this caring side and it confuses me.”


Viewers were more confused by the conversation as Boy George specifically said in his comments he wants to be “told what to do”.

He also confronted White about his issue, telling her: “It might be good to say to people, ‘right you do this today’, otherwise, I’m going to feel like I’m not doing anything.

“You’re very strong. Listen, you’re such a beautiful contradiction because you’re like tough, and then you’ve got this beautiful side to you. But it’s challenging for me. I have to say it’s challenging for me.”

Charlene criticised Boy George’s comments in the Bush Telegraph saying: “There is no, like, leader, we haven’t told everybody what their roles are, we’ve just not done that, we’ve kind of fallen into roles.”

Viewers have criticised his comments and interactions with White.

“I don’t know if it’s just me, but some of Boy George’s comments regarding Charlene’s ‘bossiness’ feel slightly misogynistic,” one viewer wrote.

While another added: “Why is Boy George trying SO hard to have an issue with harmless Charlene??”

And someone else pointed out: “Charlene is cooking for everyone and I’d be grateful for that if I was in there. Yet Boy George is acting horrible…”

Boy George has already caused controversy by being chosen to join the I’m A Celeb lineup, with many questioning the decision considering his past.

He has previously been convicted for falsely imprisoning a male escort and his continued lucrative reality show career has been called out by viewers, sex workers and the victim themselves.

Earlier this month the victim, Audun Carlsen told the Mirror: “Had I been a woman and he did what he did, he would never have been given the platform. It’s hurtful that big organisations like ITV give him that platform.

“I think giving him this sort of platform and a record fee sends the wrong message to survivors of violence, and abuse and is plain wrong.”