Drag Race UK’s Tayce opens up about her love life: ‘I’ve never had a serious relationship’

Drag Race UK icon Tayce has opened up about never having been in as serious relationship.

Tayce said she is “very picky” when looking for a partner.

“It’s not a type on paper, I couldn’t write down what I want as I think that diminishes everything else that might come your way, it is shooting yourself in the foot,” she said on the My Love Is... podcast from Bumble.

“Personality-wise, I know what I don’t want – a f**k boy – I want someone who takes themselves, and what we are going through, seriously. Someone who isn’t fan-girly.

Speaking to host Tolly T, of The Receipts Podcast, Tayce explained that she has “never been in one serious relationship”.

“It is expected that you should have been through so many relationships by now and if you haven’t then there must be something wrong with you and, actually, it’s that sometimes there is something wrong with these other people.”

She also emphasised that she could never be “the quiet one in a relationship”, and is looking for balance.

“I am very boisterous and very loud and you’ll know I’m in the room – but that’s not what I am looking for in a partner,” she said.

“I need someone who has more grounding energy and a bit calmer – you can’t have two Geminis in a room. I want yin and yang.”

Speaking about safe spaces in the queer world, Tayce said that one of the places she has “never felt more awkward, is in straight Black barbers”.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star continued, saying: “That has always been a funny one for me, and nine times out of 10 it is uncomfortable… There needs to be more people in the barbers that are comfortable with any kind of person coming in.”

Queer bars, clubs and “anywhere queer culture is going on”, though, are a refuge for the Welsh icon.

“Being queer and Black, I have always felt safe and, if I didn’t, I’d be out of there straight away. Homophobia can be rife in certain communities. You should be able to feel safe everywhere you go and the unfortunate thing is you don’t, but we need to push and kick those doors down.”

Tayce also discussed how fame has impacted her dating life. The episode is available on YouTube, Acast, Spotify and Apple.