Elon Musk savagely mocked for claiming a ‘woke mind virus’ needs defeating: ‘Sir, this is Wendy’s’

Billionaire Twitter owner Elon Musk doesn’t seem to be enjoying the the criticisms and mockery he has faced in the past couple of days, after he was faced with a chorus of boos during a live appearance.

On Monday, Musk tweeted: “The woke mind virus is either defeated or nothing else matters”.

But whatever Musk was trying to achieve with the tweet, it was mockery that ensued.

”Sir, this is Wendy’s,” one Twitter user replied — the meme catchphrase used in response to bizarre statements.

A number of people chimed in about how Musk got booed on stage at a Dave Chapelle show in San Francisco.

One user told the owner of Twitter to “calm down”.

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“Being booed on stage isn’t the collapse of society,” they wrote.

Another questioned if the booing had upset Musk. “Did you go home and cry about it and tweet this,” they asked.

Others just leaned into the chance to be silly.

A user going by ‘greg’ said defeating the woke mind to nothing else mattering was “true”.

“I just woke up and feel defeated already since it’s Monday.”

Someone else said Musk should “keep at it”, “full throttle”.

This is going so well.

Others indicated they missed the old Musk that just focused on Tesla’s and space.

Many of the tweets were from ‘verified’ accounts, something that Musk first targeted once he took over the social media platform in late October.

A number of those blue tick accounts were people paying for Twitter’s Twitter Blue service, which Musk has indicated could be the only way people get ‘verified’.

It’s been a busy few days for Elon Musk.

First he made headlines for joking about pronouns while calling for immunologist Dr Anthony Fauci to be jailed.

The next day he went on to be massively booed at the Chapelle show.

But he’s displayed similar behaviour on the platform since taking ownership.

In mid-November, when people seemed to think Twitter was going to disappear in a matter of days, Musk spent his time joking with right-wing hate account Libs of TikTok about firing a member of staff.