Grindr reveals which countries have the most tops and bottoms

A graphic depicting the yellow and black Grindr logo with a purple eggplant/aubergine emoji and a pink peach emoji

Grindr is spilling all the tea about what’s been trending on the hookup app and which countries have the most tops and bottoms. 

The app’s annual Unwrapped report shared anonymous data about how users access the app – kind of similar to the highly-anticipated tradition of sharing Spotify Wrapped. Grindr’s version revealed its thirsty users’ top searched profile tags as well as the countries boasting the most tops, bottoms, vers, sides and more in the last year. 

Bolivia came out on top (pun intended) on the raunchy ranks of the countries with the highest percentage of tops, according to the report of the app’s millions of users. The USA, South Korea, Greece and India followed swiftly behind. 

Denmark is home to the largest proportion of users who describe themselves as bottoms, helping us get to the bottom of that mystery. Tops can also check out Japan, Serbia, South Africa and Peru if they’re on the search for their match as the countries boast a large number of bottoms. 

Russia, Finland, Croatia, Germany and Taiwan have the highest percentage of versatile users while China, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Australia and Singapore have the highest percentage of sides. 

A mobile phone displays the yellow and black Grindr logo as the phone is tucked into the back pocket of a pair of jeans
Bolivia has the highest percentage of users who describe themselves as tops while Denmark boasts the most bottoms, according to Grindr’s 2022 Unwrapped. (Getty)

Grindr found users in Washington DC are the most active on the app, but the city of love Paris was a close second. The most popular time to open up the app for a quick peak was 9pm. 

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People most searched for the tags “hung”, “trans”, “feet”, “bb” and “dom” while the most displayed profile tags were “fwb”, “anon”, “kissing”, “bi” and “discreet”. 

Alex Black, Grindr’s director of marketing, said the Unwrapped round-up is a “fun, authentic reflection” of what users “got up to and got into” in 2022, adding “some levity to the end of year madness”. 

“It hasn’t been the easiest year for our community – we’ve had high highs with moments like the passing of the Respect for Marriage Act and Grindr going public, and plenty of low lows with increased transphobic and homophobic legislation and atrocities like the shooting at Club Q,” Black said.

Grindr also surveyed 10,000 users on their favourite queer pop culture moments in 2022. 

EuphoriaHeartstopperWhite Lotus and Abbott Elementary topped best TV shows for Grindr users – all of which deserved the title. Grindr users shared their favourite films were Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverEverything Everywhere All At OnceBrosFire Island and Nope

Unsurprisingly, the absolute bop “Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras kept users entertained with Beyoncé’s “Alien Superstar” and “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush, which was featured in Stranger Things, also being musical highlights of the past year. 

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