LGB Alliance activist and former Tory election candidate says being gay is a choice

An activist with anti-trans lobby group LGB Alliance is claiming that “being gay is a choice”.

In a number of posts on Twitter, Alex Bramham said being born homosexual “is not a scientific, biological claim that applies to everybody”. He went on to say that some gay men people are “political homosexuals” who “choose same-sex relationships out of respect for women”.

Bramham even doubled down when LGB Alliance co-founder Bev Jackson addressed his claims, calling Bramham’s posts “very unhelpful”.

She said stating sexual orientation as being a choice “undermines gay rights”.

In one tweet Alex Bramham stated, simply, that he chose to be gay aged 19.

However, in a separate video tweet he said it was “never an atomic moment … it wasn’t like I woke up one day and said I decided this day to be gay”.

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Bramham encouraged having “a good conversation about this”, noting he had changed his opinion on matters in the past after getting things “wrong” and “learning from other people”.

“That strikes me as very healthy.”

In the original tweet, he said claiming being gay was a choice “doesn’t delegitimise the deeply held beliefs or experiences of anyone who strongly feels that they were, in some sense, born gay”.

“Don’t jump on the attack, your experience is valid … what’s not valid is to say that your experience applies to everybody, everywhere,” Bramham said.

He said this “was about boundaries and respect” and, despite his claims, did not support conversion therapy.

It’s not the first time Bramham has ruffled feathers.

In April 2022, he was suspended from the Tory party and its queer wing, the LGBT+ Conservatives, after campaigning to split the queer wing into one for LGB rights and one he terms “gender ideology lobbyists”.

He was also escorted away from the Manchester Pride Protest by police in 2021 after arriving decked out in LGB Alliance merchandise.

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