DC makes the Joker pregnant in epic new comic book: ‘All I’ve ever wanted’

A comic books strip showing a clearly pregnant Joker and another character. Dialogue reads: Well, what we have here? I think you're pregnant. I think you're right. Do we have a good OB-GYN we use?

The Joker wakes up nine months pregnant in a new DC comic book story and fans are here for it.

In a short story at the end of the latest Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing, the Joker has a confrontation with magical being Zatanna – and his decision to flirt massively backfires. 

Zatanna casts a backwards curse on him: “On eno esle lliw reve evah ruoy ybab!” (“No one else will ever have your baby!”).

This results in the Joker waking up pregnant. 

Naturally the Batman villain decides to seek help from fellow supervillain, Doctor Phosphorus, who helps deliver the child. 

Things take a twist of Greek mythological proportions when the Joker pukes up a blob of mud that soon morphs into his own tiny doppleganger. 

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The Joker is pregnant comic panels. (Francesco Francavilla/DC)

Sadly, the side plot has drawn complaints from conservatives about “wokeness”, calling the idea of a man falling pregnant “so ridiculous” despite the fact that it literally happens all around the world.

“Today’s fake outrage is about an out of continuity backup story where the Joker swallows a bunch of cursed mud. Because their pea brains explode when they see ‘pregnant man’,” one person pointed out.

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Many are also pointing out that this is not the weirdest thing that has happened to the Joker. 

“One time Harley bit his entire lip off, another time he had his entire face ripped off, had brain surgery with no anaesthesia, been replaced by a duplicate Joker,” one fan started listing.

While it’s the first time the Joker has been pregnant, it’s not the first time he has had a child.

In one comic, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Harley Quinn reveals she gave birth to the Joker’s child, Lucy Quinzel, but gave them up for adoption.

Even stranger, in the Manga series One Operation Joker, the Joker has to raise a baby Batman. 

In 2022, a crowdfunded indie film, The People’s Joker, gave the supervillain a trans coming of age story.

The Joker will next be seen on screens in Joker: Folie a Deux, starring Lady Gaga.

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