Republicans are looking to replace gay congressman George Santos – just days after taking office

Photo of US congressman George Santos wearing a navy suit, white shirt and pink tie as he makes air quotation gestures with both of his hands.

George Santos, who has been a congressman since just 3 January 2023, could be ousted by Republicans following lies and criminal investigation, according to US reports.

Santos has been accused of lying about much of his past to get into office.

After being elected to represent New York’s Third Congressional District, becoming the first openly gay Republican elected into Congress, Santos’ new-found glory quickly fell flat after several newspapers reported that he never graduated from any university or college, never worked for major banks like he claimed, and that he’d lied about his entire family history.

“The wheels are already spinning. People are getting ready to start primaries,” a source told The Washington Times.

Various GOP leaders in New York are getting themselves ready for a possible election if Santos decides to end his term in Congress earlier than planned.

His potential replacements include New York assemblyman Mike Durso, Nassau County comptroller Elaine Phillips and former New York assemblyman Mike LiPetri, The Washington Times reports.

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Responding to the seriousness of the allegations, and admitting them, Santos described the slip-ups as “a little bit of fluff” on his resume, as reported by Vox.

Shockingly, George Santos even said that “9/11 claimed my mother’s life”, but according to researchers, his mother actually died in 2016 due to various complications unrelated to the terror attacks.

A photo shows US Republican George Santos wearing a dartk suit jacket over a white shirt and light blue sweater sitting alone in the House Chamber of the US Capitol building. All around him you can see other officials looking busy and talking to each other
Santos’ lying and criminal investigation will likely see the congressman removed from office. (Getty Images/Win McNamee)

He is also being investigated by authorities in Brazil following writing bad cheques, which he confessed to in 2010.

It is speculated that if George Santos does not resign or isn’t forced to leave Congress, he could face the embarrassment of losing in a primary challenge after his first term.

Republican leaders across the country were not willing to go on record to discuss the matter of Santos. However, Democratic leaders are set and ready to find a candidate to replace Santos through a special election if he chooses to resign or is forced out by the Republicans.

Democratic congressman Gregory Meeks said: “I’ve talked to Jay Jacobs who is the Democratic leader in Nassau County, and I will talk to our respective district leaders and they’ll decide the best candidate.”

As it stands Santos is currently under investigation by Brazilian authorities, Nassau County district attorney, the state of New York and federal prosecutors.

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